YMCA Camp High Harbour

Written By: Maya Joglekar

Camp is a special place that affects everyone that attends, and we see this impact by talking to a once camper, now Program Director at YMCA Camp High Harbour!

We chatted with the Girlside Program Director Maya, from the Lake Allatoona location of YMCA Camp High Harbour.

Camp High Harbour is a week long, sleep away camp that provides kids with a traditional camp experience! The Lake Allatoona location opened in 2010, and one of its main goals is to promote strong relationships and build community. Maya’s first year as a camper was also in 2010, where she made immediate relationships with other campers and staff. She mentioned that the reason she has grown up at camp is because of the strong friendships that Camp High Harbour fosters.

Another goal of Camp High Harbour is to help kids develop confidence and self-esteem. Many traditions at camp are rooted in this goal, such as Goal Cards. When their campers arrive at the beginning of the week, they fill out the front side of their Goal Cards. Maya said that her campers’ goals have included making new friends, jumping off the Blob, and trying other new activities. At the end of the week, the campers flip the card over and write what they learned at camp. This shows the campers that what they learned at camp can stay with them as they leave the camp gates. Maya loves this tradition because it encourages campers to be their “camp selves” outside of camp.

Maya’s excitement about her time at camp shows just how much of an impact Camp High Harbour has had on her and her camp friends. We are thrilled we heard all about it!

Want to support YMCA Camp High Harbour? Go to their site at and donate to help send campers to camp to have an amazing experience!

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