Experience the magic

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Magic Card Sandwich

Amazing card trick

Dribbling Drills

The art of control

Toe Tapping Fun

Tap dance steps

Alien Goo Recipe

Prime time slime!

Hip-Hop: The Float

Gravity doesn't exist


Fundamentals from a pro

Telephone Cheer

Call all your friends.


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Waterski Equipment

What you need to know

Walk On Water

Pro tips makes it easy

Catching Flyballs

Top tips for fielders

SOS: Signals On Skis

Communication skills


More fun on the water

Pitch like a Pro

Pitch like a pro

Balling Out

Hone your ball handling

Defensive Moves

Stop the ball

Dribbling Drills

The art of control

Golf: Irons and Woods

Get to know your clubs

Perfect Your Putt

Practice your putting

Handstand Walk

Who needs shoes?

The Face-off

How to get the ball

Butterfly Position

Stop the puck!

Touch and Go

Dribbling and control

Proper Punch

Form and fitness

Serve like an Ace

Power and placement

Spike It

Master the blast

Crazy Cartwheels

Easy tumbling tips


Fundamentals from a pro

Build Core Muscles

Exercise for strength

Swing Away

Swing for the hole!


Meet your coach, JT

Arts and Crafts

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Arts Camps

Welcome to Art Camp

Get Close!

Explore your world

New Perspective

Great photo tricks

Shadow Magic

Make cool pictures

Bead Bracelets

Classic camp crafts

Hair Ties & Bow Ties!

Cool hair ties and bows!

Duct Tape Wonders

Lovely sticky projects

Sparkle Signs

Make signs that sparkle!

Alien Goo Recipe

Prime time slime!

Paint on Anything!

Find cool stuff all over!

Capture the Sun

Paint stunning sunsets


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Learn Sphero skills

Booming Bag

Exploring science

Foam Fountains

Great reactions

Inflation Station

Balloon magic

Obstacle Course

Precision & courage

Performing Arts

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Backstage Tour

A look behind the scenes!

Oh the Drama!

Comedy and conflict!

Say, "Action!"

Pro tips for directors

The Green Screen

Make special effects!

Write a Great Story

Screenplay building block

Video Storyboarding

Creating a good story

Magic Card Sandwich

Amazing card trick

Pick a Card

Amaze your friends

Hip-Hop: The Float

Gravity doesn't exist

Bring it to the Floor

Big moves take power

Toe Tapping Fun

Tap dance steps

Irish Step Dance

Get on your toes

Leaping Buffalo

Broadway moves

Salt Shaker Surprise

Where did it go?

Outdoor Adventure

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Get Close!

Explore your world

New Perspective

Great photo tricks

Shadow Magic

Make cool pictures

Hard Knot Life

Rope tying tricks

Gimme Shelter

Build a simple tent

Gimme Some Slack

Slacklining tips

Camp Fun and Games

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Rock & Roll Cheer

Gotta stretch with this!

Boom Chica Boom

Classic camp cheer

We're Red Hot!

A red hot cheer!

Telephone Cheer

Call all your friends.

Get Energized

South African cheers

Wanna Be A Penguin?

Crazy cheers

Zoomy Zoomy

A summer camp favorite!

The Old Lady's Cat

Another fun clapping game

Hula Hoopin'

Fun in a circle

Web Series

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Camp Arrival | Ep 1

Friendships and frictions begin.

Cabin Fever | Ep 2

Campers fight for space and control.

Gaga and Girls' Bunk | Ep 3

Quick reflexes and snap judgments.

Camp Games & Yoga | Ep 4

Jay gets a private yoga lesson.

Arts and Crafts | Ep 5

Popsicle sticks and pairing up!

The Obstacle Course | Ep 6

Only one can survive The Monster!

Ice Cream Adventure | Ep 7

Hot fudge makes the world a better place.

Talent Show Practice | Ep 8

Teams with dreams plot to win big.

The First Campfire | Ep 9

Old traditions and new secrets.

Crushes and Cleanup | Ep 10

Lindsey gets the shock of her life.

Pie-Palooza | Ep 11

Whipped up romance and jealousies.

Steal the Chicken | Ep 12

A rubber chicken and a bold challenge.

Fishing | Ep 13

There's more to catch than fish.

Yoga By the Lake | Ep 14

Downward dog and inner peace.

Human Curling | Ep 15

Can Joey sweep Lindsey off her feet?

Dining Hall | Ep 16

Avoid the Mystery Meat - and Jordan!

Volleyball | Ep 17

The net can't keep them apart.

Talent Night | Ep 18

Singing. Dancing. A shocking winner!

Kayak Race | Ep 19

Boating battles lead to lakefront drama.

Cornhole | Ep 20

Jay drops a bombshell about dating.

Flag Football | Ep 21

One magic run for gridiron glory.

The Tennis Match | Ep 22

Everyone needs a partner.

Game Show Night | Ep 23

Team trivia becomes buzzer beating brawl.

Hike to Waterfall | Ep 24

Whispered secrets and surprise romance.

Robotics | Ep 25

You can only win with careful plotting.

Superhero Olympics | Ep 26

Power, destiny, and a bed-sheet cape!

Weaving a Web | Ep 27

It's time to fight back.

Color Tag | Ep 28

A brawl beyond black and blue.

Peel the Snake | Ep 29

It takes teamwork to Peel the Snake.

Tug of War | Ep 30

Pulling together beyond their limits.

Waterballoon Slingshot | Ep 31

Wetter is better and whiners aren't winners!

Cream & Cheeseballs | Ep 32

You can't cover up your real feelings.

Slip & Slide | Ep 33

Going beyond wet and wild.

Dance Proposals | Ep 34

Everyone has a date to the dance except...?

Swimming | Ep 35

Cannonballs, bellyflops, and a shock for Joey.

Letter from Home | Ep 36

News from home rocks Joey's world.

The Makeover | Ep 37

Big change brings new problems.

Last Dance | Ep 38

Emotions explode and the truth hurts.

Final Campfire | Ep 39

Summer ends with reflections and surprising honesty.

Say Goodbye | Episode 40

Final words and big decisions.

Campers Leave | Ep 41

As the van leaves, final moments and memories.


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Aaron Gough

Adventure Counselor

Adam Alspaugh

Waterski Counselor

Alana Slone

Lacrosse Counselor

Colin Amaral

Golf Counselor

Courtney Ortiz

Photography Counselor

David Weinstein

Music Counselor

Griffin Miller

Percussion Counselor

Jack Harris

Soccer Counselor

Jason Silberman

Magic Counselor

Jessica Tingle

Gymnastics Counselor


Tennis Counselor

Kyle Salmons

Taekwondo Counselor

Larry Albright

Hip Hop Counselor

Melissa Jacobson

Singing Counselor

Matt Perlman

Arts and Crafts Counselor

McDonald Jean-Louis

Basketball Counselor

Michael Strauss

Theater Counselor

Nicole Smith

Tap Dancing Counselor

Paige Duffack

Volleyball Counselor

Ryan Drury

Gymnastics Counselor

Sam Slavkin

Robotics and Film Production Counselor


Arts and Crafts and Cheerleading Counselor

Wade Liska

Hockey Counselor

Will Leonard

Baseball Counselor

Global Camps Africa

Camp Sizanani Counselors