From the creator of the classic camp comedy




Belly flops and bunk battles.

Summer crushes and unexpected friends.

Watch eight teens take summer camp fun to a whole new level.

Executive Producer: Steve Slavkin

Directors: Steve Slavkin and Sam Slavkin


Camp Arrival | Ep 1

Friendships and frictions begin.

Cabin Fever | Ep 2

Campers fight for space and control.

Gaga and Girls' Bunk | Ep 3

Quick reflexes and snap judgments.

Camp Games & Yoga | Ep 4

Jay gets a private yoga lesson.

Arts and Crafts | Ep 5

Popsicle sticks and pairing up!

The Obstacle Course | Ep 6

Only one can survive The Monster!

Ice Cream Adventure | Ep 7

Hot fudge makes the world a better place.

Talent Show Practice | Ep 8

Teams with dreams plot to win big.

The First Campfire | Ep 9

Old traditions and new secrets.

Crushes and Cleanup | Ep 10

Lindsey gets the shock of her life.

Pie-Palooza | Ep 11

Whipped up romance and jealousies.

Steal the Chicken | Ep 12

A rubber chicken and a bold challenge.

Fishing | Ep 13

There's more to catch than fish.

Yoga By the Lake | Ep 14

Downward dog and inner peace.

Human Curling | Ep 15

Can Joey sweep Lindsey off her feet?

Dining Hall | Ep 16

Avoid the Mystery Meat - and Jordan!

Volleyball | Ep 17

The net can't keep them apart.

Talent Night | Ep 18

Singing. Dancing. A shocking winner!

Kayak Race | Ep 19

Boating battles lead to lakefront drama.

Cornhole | Ep 20

Jay drops a bombshell about dating.

Flag Football | Ep 21

One magic run for gridiron glory.

The Tennis Match | Ep 22

Everyone needs a partner.

Game Show Night | Ep 23

Team trivia becomes buzzer beating brawl.

Hike to Waterfall | Ep 24

Whispered secrets and surprise romance.

Robotics | Ep 25

You can only win with careful plotting.

Superhero Olympics | Ep 26

Power, destiny, and a bed-sheet cape!

Weaving a Web | Ep 27

It's time to fight back.

Color Tag | Ep 28

A brawl beyond black and blue.

Peel the Snake | Ep 29

It takes teamwork to Peel the Snake.

Tug of War | Ep 30

Pulling together beyond their limits.

Waterballoon Slingshot | Ep 31

Wetter is better and whiners aren't winners!

Cream & Cheeseballs | Ep 32

You can't cover up your real feelings.

Slip & Slide | Ep 33

Going beyond wet and wild.

Dance Proposals | Ep 34

Everyone has a date to the dance except...?

Swimming | Ep 35

Cannonballs, bellyflops, and a shock for Joey.

Letter from Home | Ep 36

News from home rocks Joey's world.

The Makeover | Ep 37

Big change brings new problems.

Last Dance | Ep 38

Emotions explode and the truth hurts.

Final Campfire | Ep 39

Summer ends with reflections and surprising honesty.

Say Goodbye | Episode 40

Final words and big decisions.

Campers Leave | Ep 41

As the van leaves, final moments and memories.


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Darnell Dudley

Faith Porter

Jay Martins


Rachel Eddy

Lindsey Dresbach

Lucas Kane

Emily Johnson

Joey Rothstein

Jordan Cody Brandmon