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Summer Activities For Kids

Written By: happycamper

Summer is approaching and you’re likely looking for fun things to do in the summer with kids. If you’ve already looked at summer camps, and you need some other ideas for filling up summer break 2021, consider this list of summer camp activities that you can do from your own home. 

Enjoy our list of  summer fun activities for kids!


Build An Obstacle Coursecamper throwing a ball in an obstacle course

Obstacle courses are challenging and fun! This is a great summer activity for kids because it keeps them active and gets them thinking creatively. Get the kids involved in building the obstacle course. This is where the creative thinking comes in. They’ll have to determine what activities they should include that will be challenging, fun, and achievable. 

Include a balance beam, something to crawl through, a ball toss, a jumping activity, and anything else that you can dream up. Pool noodles staked to the ground can become tunnels the kids have to crawl through, while round pool innertubes can act as “tires” for kids to run through. 

Make it silly by adding water elements like water balloons or a section where kids have to run through the sprinklers. 

An obstacle course is a great summer activity because you can change it up to make it easier or harder depending on the kids, and they can do it solo or as a group. 


Learn Nature Skills

Spend time outside this summer and work on some summer camp survival skills that will help you in nature. Learn to build a shelter in case you ever get lost. Our tutorial on this simple tent will prepare you for a summer outside. Rope tying can come in handy if you’re trying to build a swing, hold something up, or just prevent something from getting lost. All you need is a rope and a willingness to learn. 


Play Games

Card games are a fun way to pass the time and you can play them indoors or outside at a picnic table. Crazy eights, go fish, spoons, or old maid are all easy ones for kids to learn. 

Charades is another easy game for kids that will also get their energy out. Write down a bunch of nouns and verbs and put them into a bowl. Divide into two teams and have the actors draw a random word from the bowl. Time it for a minute and see if their teammates can guess the word they drew. The team with the most points at the end of 20 minutes (or other designated time) wins!


Explore Your Town Like A Tourist

Sometimes it’s fun to pretend you’re in someone else’s shoes. Oftentimes if you have lived somewhere your whole life you may not have done all the “tourist things.” Grab a map and take your kids around your city or town. Hit all of the “must-visit spots” that are listed on your local tourism map, and see your city from a new perspective. You can visit local art sites like sculptures or murals, explore the free parks, learn about history at a local museum, and have lunch at a new restaurant you haven’t tried. 


Learn A New Skill Togetherkid playing tennis

Learning is a great summer activity because it gives kids focus and inspires them to try something new. Whether it’s reading a new book, learning a language or trying a new skill, help your kids find something they are excited to pursue. Learning doesn’t just stop in the classroom. It’s a lifelong skill we all can benefit from. Master a new skill together. Learn to juggle, take photos, or make friendship bracelets. Trying something new is a summer activity kids will love. 

How do you plan to spend the summer? Share your plans with us on our CampFire or social media.

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family activities

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