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Written By: happycamper

If you don’t journal regularly this is a great time to start! Journaling is an excellent activity for your mental health and as we move into the colder months, it’s an indoor hobby that can help you unwind. Let go of stress by writing about it in your journal, or write about memorable moments from your day. There are so many ways to use a journal, and it’s an experience that is unique to you. Plus, it’s like finding a time capsule when you read your old journals years later.

Here is how you can start your own journal:


Pick Out A Journaljournal

It’s important to feel inspired, so pick out a journal that you love. Maybe it is the size that feels perfect when you’re holding it, or maybe it has a picture of cute dogs on it. Or, if you have a blank notebook, personalize your notebook with these tips from our blog.

Set A Writing Time

If writing is uncomfortable or new to you, it might be helpful to set a schedule and stick to it. Pick a time of day where you can take a few minutes to yourself and write in your journal. That might be just before bed, or maybe right after school. Even if you don’t have much to write, take that time to think and jot down a few things. Try to stay dedicated to writing at that time either on certain days of the week or even daily.


What To Write Aboutjournal

The options are unlimited! Write about your day, what you learned, what is challenging you, what you’re looking forward to, or about some of your favorite hobbies. If you’re really finding it hard to write, look up some writing prompts online. There are many ideas that will help you get inspired to write in your journal.

Happy writing!

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