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5 Ways To Personalize Your Notebooks

Written By: happycamper

Notebooks are a fun way to show your personal style! Grab a notebook and some supplies and get to crafting. Make your school supplies unique to you. Your friends may start asking you to create notebooks for them!

Here are 5 ways to personalize your notebooks this school year. 


Use Washi Tapewashi tape

Washi tape comes in so many fun colors and patterns! You can pick some up at your favorite craft store, office supply store or major retailer. Simply place the tape on your notebook cover in strips to form patterns you love. 


Magazine Decor

Grab a stack of magazines, and pull out all the pages that have words or images that inspire you. Once you’re done going through the magazines, cut out the pieces that you liked. Arrange the magazine pieces on your notebook in a pattern you like, then glue them down. Once the glue has dried you can paint a coat of modge podge on top of it to seal your art. Or you can cover it with a layer of clear packing tape to waterproof it. Your decorated notebook now doubles as your vision board!


Paint It Uppaint

Pick up paint in your favorite colors and use a stencil or freehand paint pretty patterns on your notebook. Floral designs are lovely, but you could also do nature scenes or even images of your favorite snack!


Photo Collage

Take the time to print out some of those many photos on your phone. Show off your friends, family and your favorite things! Glue the photos to the front of your notebook, and cover with modge podge to protect it from water damage. 


Make A Fabric Cover

If sewing is more your style, then pick a couple of fabrics that you love. Cut them into strips and sew the strips together. You can either glue the fabric to the cover of the notebook with hot glue, or sew a backing to it, but leave one side open so it slides onto the cover of a notebook like a sleeve. 

If you liked these suggestions, check out our Arts and Crafts Camp for more fun projects!

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