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Simple Tips for Winning Your Family’s Fight Against Self-Isolation Stress and Boredom

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Working in your sweatpants sounds pretty sweet, but when it comes to working out, being stuck inside your home can leave you feeling more than a little anxious. When your gym is closed and your kids can’t burn off excess energy, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Couple the lack of physical activity with all the extra stress that comes with the current COVID-19 outbreak, and those overwhelming feelings can get even more intense. So, how can you break the coronavirus anxiety cycle and start feeling like your old selves again? 

Getting back into the swing of your wellness, exercise, and life routines doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. In fact, figuring out how to stay fit and relaxed at home can make it easier to stick to fitness goals and eliminate boredom even without a pandemic looming. So, if you’re ready to take your family’s self-isolation wellness and self-care habits to the next level, and fight those feelings of anxiety head-on Happy Camper Live hopes the following tips help.


Everybody, Get Up!family walking

Too much screen time or Netflix bingeing and you may have the makings of a sedentary lifestyle. Get the whole family moving with these tips.
Benefits of a Home Gym for Families
Exercise with Everyday Objects
Find No-Equipment Workouts
Use a Fitness App to Stay Accountable
Stream Free Workouts for Kids
Sign Up for Happy Camper Live Hip Hop Camp


Bust the Boredom!

All this time at home can have the kids climbing the walls. Instead of more video game time, consider ways to keep them occupied.
Allow Your Kids to Enjoy the Happy Camper Live Experience!
Art Activities for Kids, From Toddlers to Tweens
The Best Family Board Games
Keep Kids from Getting Bored


Banish the Stress!

Easier said than done, right? Find ways to make your home more welcoming, keep the lines of communication open and practice self-care, and you’ll all be heading in the right direction.
How You Can Create Family-Friendly Living Spaces
Rid Your Home of Bad Energy
Stop Stressing About Kids’ Anxiety
7 Easy Self-Care Tips For Kids For Happiness
Avoid Stress When Working from Home with Your Spouse
Practice Lockdown Self-Care for Parents 


Keep Eating Healthy!Family time

One of the best ways to keep everyone feeling healthy is to stick to nutritious foods and recipes the whole family will love.
Stockpile Healthy Food for Quarantine
7 Nutritious and Healthy Recipes Using Foods You Already Have in Your Pantry
Get Healthy Food Delivered from Costco
Boost Your Immune System with Food 

We all have to be willing to do our part to fight the spread of coronavirus in our communities. So, practice good social-distancing, be responsible when you leave your home, and use the resources above to keep your family and yourself healthy. Above all, know that you are strong enough to thrive during this dark and stressful time. 

For more ways to keep your kids active and engaged, turn to Happy Camper Live for a wealth of activities and camps!


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