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How To Prepare Your Kids For Back To School

Written By: happycamper

The end of summer is near and soon you’ll have to tell your kids it’s time to go back to school. Whether your child loves school or just tolerates it, there are some things you can do to start preparing them for the start of the school year. Working school back into daily discussions is one way to start. There’s also meeting the teacher, orientation for new campuses, and getting your shopping lists.


Here are a couple of ways to prepare your kids for back to school.


Find Something They’re Excited About

There is likely something your child likes about school. If you know what that is, use that to start getting them excited to go back. Whether it’s getting back to playing a sport, playing in the school band, or picking up a book from the library, start reminding them of the things they miss when school’s out. You can even ask them, “Are you excited about playing soccer again?” Or “What activities do you want to try this year?”


Start Getting On A Schedule

Summer is often a time where alarm clocks are left turned off and bedtimes don’t exist. As you start getting ready to go back, pull out the alarm clock and slowly start waking up a little bit earlier every day. At the other end of the day, start going to bed a little bit earlier. If you have evening routines during the school year like reading before bed, try to bring those back into play. It’ll be an easier adjustment if you start getting back into those habits a little bit at at time.


kid readingRead A New Book

If the summer was spent outside, pick up a book from the bookstore or your library and do a little bit of reading before heading back to class. Reading is a good way to get the brain engaged and it can also remind kids of what indoor behavior looks like. Let them pick it out so they’re excited about what they’re reading.


Go Through Supplies

If last year’s backpack is in a closet somewhere, pull it out and see what supplies they already have that can be reused this year. Make a list of what they will need and let them help pick it out at the store. Part of the fun of back to school is picking out fun school supplies.


Complete A Summer Bucket List Item

Ask your kids if there are things they didn’t get to do this summer that they really wanted to do. If there are any last minute bucket list items, try to round out your summer by ending on a high note. Then your kids will feel like they checked off their summer bucket list, and are ready to go back. For a list of bucket list ideas, check out one of our recent blogs.

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