Happy Trails For Kids

Written By: Maya Joglekar

Finding a place where kids can just be kids at camp is a goal of many camps, especially Happy Trails for Kids.

In this MyCamp Podcast episode, we sat down with September and Nadia, who are both very passionate about the Happy Trails for Kids mission.

In 2009, Happy Trails started their program for kids in foster care. They provide a fun, safe space for kids in foster care to experience camp. Happy Trails creates a sense of consistency and community because even after a kid’s case closes, they are still part of the Happy Trails family. They decide who comes back to camp based on needs, speaking with social workers, and caregivers; September mentioned that they like to bring back a lot of kids who have come to camp before, so they can stay connected with the Happy Trails family. She also mentioned that a lot of kids are separated from their siblings, so they bring them together at camp.

One fun activity that September and Nadia talked about include the cabin clean-up competition. Cabin clean-ups are a big deal for the campers because one cabin wins the golden plunger everyday for the cleanest cabin! Another fun event at Happy Trails is their Friday party, where the kids can dress up, eat snacks, and dance together one last time before they go home. Their campers also love gaga ball, they’ll do anything to stay in the game!

We are so glad we were able to hear all about Happy Trails for Kids from September and Nadia! Their experiences show how meaningful their work is for the kids they serve.

Want to support Happy Trails for Kids? Go to their site at and donate to sponsor foster kids who want this amazing camp experience! Happy Trails for Kids is also looking for a permanent camp location.

Check out more of our My Camp podcasts and other camp materials on our Happy Camper Live website. You can also find us on YouTube at Happy Camper Live and on Instagram @happy_camper_live.

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