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Fall Family Fun

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Fall is a great time to reconnect the family. The weather is cool, but you can still go outside with an extra layer. Kids have settled into their school routine by now, and they are ready for some fun.

Try these fall family fun activities!


Go For A Hike

The changing of seasons means kids won’t be outside as much as usual, so it’s important to create opportunities for them to still enjoy being outdoors once the weather has cooled. A hike is the perfect family outing for a crisp fall day. Pick a hike, level of difficulty depending on your family’s abilities, bundle up, and bring some snacks for a day on the trail. It’s the time of year where the trees are putting on their best show. Try to pick an area with lots of trees so you can enjoy the brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows of the fall leaves. Stop along the trail for photos in the foliage. Going for a hike and stopping along the way to learn about the world around you can help kids develop a sense of curiosity and wonder for nature. 


Play With Leaves

Leaves can make for hours of fall family entertainment. Rake them up into piles and let the kids jump in them. Put them in a pile at the bottom of a slide for a fun landing. They can be used for fall crafts like leaf stamping and wreaths. Make leaf confetti by punching holes in them. Stuff a scarecrow with them and create some porch decorations. 


Make A Cozy Fall Treat

Baking apple and pumpkin treats in the fall is a fun indoor activity that teaches kids skills they’ll need once they grow up and leave home. Get them involved in the cooking process from the start. Let them pick a recipe, and walk them through the process as you make it. There are so many options to choose from: pumpkin bread, apple pie, pecan bars, cinnamon rolls, and flavored pumpkin seeds are just a few. Don’t be afraid to let them try skills like cutting or mixing while supervised. Empower them to start learning those skills so they can learn how to cook.

If desserts aren’t challenging enough, try cooking a fall soup or chili. Check out Happy Camper Live’s on-demand Cooking Camp to learn various ways to make a gooey grilled cheese sandwich, perfect for a cozy day at home.


Create A Memory Box

We all want to remember our summers and make them last a little longer. With a memory box, the summer fun can be remembered long after the leaves are gone. Pick a few items that symbolize your summer. Maybe you took a road trip and got a postcard or souvenir. If you went to summer camp, you probably made a fun craft project or maybe even have a picture of your time there. Gather those items and create your memory box. You can use a typical box with a lid or you can use a shadow box which is a framed box with a glass front so you can put your items on display all year long. If going with a typical box that closes, don’t be afraid to decorate it.


Host A Game Night

Family game night is another cozy indoor activity that is fun for fall. Have everyone bring one game they’d like to play, and then randomly pick one to start with first. Shorter games are best if you’re planning to do multiple games throughout the night, or you can pick one or two longer games. Bring out the cozy snacks you made earlier and enjoy!


Make Campfire S’mores

Summer camp and camping season may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have s’mores. Step up your campfire s’mores by trying unusual combinations, using a cookie crust, or swapping chocolate for different types of candy. You can use your backyard fire pit, grill, or even an indoor oven to make s’mores.  

Enjoy the fall weather and spending time with family!



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Family activities

Fall Family Fun

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Family activities

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