Step Up Your Campfire S’mores

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Melted chocolate, gooey marshmallows and a sweet honey-flavored graham cracker crust that crumbles in your mouth as you eat it. Are you drooling yet? S’mores are the best part of summer camp, and there is no arguing with that. We’re here to help you try new s’mores recipes that you can enjoy with your family, friends and fellow campers.

Here are a few ways you can step up your s’mores game this summer as you enjoy a backyard fire pit or campfire (with parent supervision).


kid eating s'more


Make Sweeter Combinationss'more

Step up the traditional s’mores recipe in new ways to make even sweeter combinations. Spread cookie butter, caramel sauce or Nutella on your graham cracker first for an extra layer of sweet, then add the melted chocolate and marshmallow.

Not a fan of the typical chocolate bar? Consider swapping it out for the chocolate of your choice. The ultimate win is swapping it for a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup because gooey peanut butter with melted chocolate is super delicious.

Put hot and cold together and add ice cream to your s’mores. This one will get a little messy. Build your s’mores as you typically would, but before you put the graham cracker top on, add a dollop of your favorite ice cream flavor to make a s’mores ice cream sandwich. Don’t forget to add sprinkles to any of these s’mores for an extra pop of color and flavor.


Use A Cookie Crustoreos

Swap out the traditional graham cracker outside for some cookie crust. Oreos are an easy one, and they come with a crème filling that will add extra creaminess to the s’more. Simply pull apart the Oreo and build your s’more like you would with a graham cracker.

Got Girl Scout cookies in your pantry? Grab two of your favorite cookies and make them the outsides of the s’mores. Homemade chococolate chip cookies are always a good substitute, as are toasted mini waffles. Another option that adds new texture to the s’more is using Rice Krispies Treats as the base.


Unusual S’mores Combinationss'more

Let’s get really creative and add unusual fillings to your s’mores. Have you ever thought about adding a pretzel or a chip to your s’more to add a little bit of saltiness? The sweet plus salty combination really hits the spot. How about adding some candied bacon?

Elvis loved peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwiches and we’re sure he’d love that as a s’more. Adding fruit to your s’more makes it healthier right? Chocolate, marshmallows and strawberries make a delicious s’more.

Add a pineapple ring to your s’more and substitute white chocolate for regular chocolate to make another winning combo. You can even add some toasted coconut flakes to it for a tropical blend.


Want to hear some campfire stories, while enjoying your s’mores? Tune into the Camp Lunchables Campfire Fridays to hear about different camp legends. If you love cooking, try our Cooking Camp for fun recipes!

What is your favorite way to make s’mores?

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