Essentials For Back To School

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The first day of school is just around the corner, so it’s time to plan your back to school shopping list. Whether you are going back to school in person or homeschooling, it’s important to have the supplies you need on hand. The right supplies can help bring inspiration to life or make math a little more tolerable. Every subject has different supply needs, but we’ll share some of the supplies that all students can use this 2021 school year. 

Here’s our list of all the essentials for back to school in 2021.


Office Suppliesschool supplies

You’ll need to stock up on some office supplies for everyday use. They’ll come in handy for notetaking, homework, and even a little doodling during art class! 

*Notebook paper
*No. 2 pencils
*Pencil sharpener
*Binder with dividers



Technology can help expand how students learn. There are many educational programs online that teachers may request kids use, and they will also need to use technology for research. If you don’t have these essentials at home, consider whether you might need one this school year.

*Calculator or graphic calculator
*Webcam (if not built into computer) for video conferences
*Ring light for video conferences
*Digital language programs
*Chargers for electronics
*Headphones to listen to audio books or block out noise


Backpack and Lunchbagkids with backpack

A backpack can help you keep your homework, books and supplies organized. There are so many kinds of backpacks to choose from — messenger bags, two strap bags and even one-strap backpacks. Pick one that shows your personality! 

A lunchbag will help you keep your food and homework separate so you don’t have any spills during transport. A reusable lunchbag will also help the environment since it will get many uses instead of just one use.


Snackstrail mix

It’s important to be prepared for the times when hunger strikes. Pack a snack for your recess break!

If you’re headed off to school bring one of these snacks: 

*Fruit snacks
*Trail mix
*Rice cakes
These are all healthy snacks that will help keep your brain alert throughout the day. Don’t forget your water bottle!

If you need more inspiration check out these easy snacks for the school day

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