Camp Tevya – A New England Summer Camp

Written By: Maya Joglekar

Camp is said to be your home away from home, which is true for Shira because she grew up going to camp!

On this episode of MyCamp, we talked with Shira from Camp Tevya, to hear about her lifetime at camp!

Shira’s time at Camp Tevya started when she was 9, where she was a camper in the youngest girls’ cabin. She felt it was the perfect place for her, so she kept going to camp until she graduated high school. Shira became a CIT then a counselor when she was in college, and returned as a staff member as an adult. Shira was part of the boating and canoeing staff, and Head of Water Sports. Lastly, she became the Assistant Head Counselor for the girls at Camp Tevya.

Shira mentioned that one aspect of Camp Tevya that made coming back each year so special was the fact that she grew up with the same girls in her cabin every year. This built friendships that last a lifetime, as she saw the same girls every year in her favorite place! Shira was dropped off at camp in June and picked up in August, and they did not allow phone calls home, so she really focused her whole summer on camp. Another part of Camp Tevya that Shira loves is the traditional aspect. Tradition is very important to Camp Tevya, as the family who founded the camp still run it generations later. A lot of their camp activities are similar to when Camp Tevya was founded, to keep that traditional feel.

Camp Tevya means so much to Shira, that her family donated a bench in her honor. Shira’s excitement about camp was so fun to listen to, we loved hearing all about her time at Camp Tevya!

Want to support Camp Tevya? Go to their site at!

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