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Homemade Hair Ties and Bows

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Painting Camp

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Camp Crafts

Meet counselor Matt

Camp Rocks

Painting on stones

Wild Walking Sticks

Hike in style!

Capture the Sun

Paint stunning sunsets

Paint on Anything!

Find cool stuff all over!

Memory Box Magic

Collect camp treasure

Summer Camp Crafts

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Arts Camps

Welcome to Art Camp

Camp Craft Creations

Creative camp crafts

Bead Bracelets

Classic camp crafts

Hair Ties & Bow Ties!

Cool hair ties and bows!

Duct Tape Wonders

Lovely sticky projects

Sparkle Signs

Make signs that sparkle!

Make Mason Jar Lights!

Glowing mason jar lights!

Alien Goo Recipe

Prime time slime!

Meet Counselor Sarah!

Learn arts and crafts!

Photography Camp

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Intro Photography

Meet counselor Courtney

Get Close!

Explore your world

Trick Pix

Fooling the eye

New Perspective

Great photo tricks

Shadow Magic

Make cool pictures