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Hidden in the Shadows

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Cooking Camp

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Gooey Grilled Cheese!

Easy & delicious!

Three Cheese Please!

Blending is better!

Mexican Grilled Cheese

Extra kick from salsa

Grilled Cheese Italiano

Mozzarella madness

Donut Grilled Cheese

Hole-y cheese wonder!

Avocado Grilled Cheese

Celebrities love it

Nutella Grilled Cheese

Shockingly good

Drone Camp

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Know Your Drone

Parts and purpose

Drones: 6 Super Moves

Know before you go

Top Drone Drills

Master control and speed

Lift-Off & Landing

Big moments & decisions

Speed & Control

Flight tricks and fun

Obstacle Course

Precision & courage

Filmmaking Camp

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Make your movies!

Video Storyboarding

Creating a good story

Write a Great Story

Screenplay building block

Say, "Action!"

Pro tips for directors

Hollywood Hints

Ready for your close-up?

The Green Screen

Make special effects!

Make cool Video Effects!

Edit in cool effects!

Tech Talk

Expert equipment advice

Magic Camp

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Intro To Magic

Meet counselor Jason

Pick a Card

Amaze your friends

Amazing Rubber Bands

Cut & restore magic!

Magic Card Sandwich

Amazing card trick

Marker Begone!

Learn sleight of hand

Magic Time Travel

Brain bending card trick

Salt Shaker Surprise

Where did it go?

Photography Camp

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Intro Photography

Meet counselor Courtney

Get Close!

Explore your world

Trick Pix

Fooling the eye

New Perspective

Great photo tricks

Shadow Magic

Make cool pictures

Taekwondo Camp

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Intro Taekwondo

Master the martial arts

Stretch It Out

Stretching for Taekwondo

Proper Punch

Form and fitness

Get Your Kicks

Power from the legs

Save Face

Block your opponents!

The Kip Up

Look like a pro

Yoga Camp

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Find Your Balance

Balance your body!

Yoga for Everyone

Breathe deep and relax!

Waterski and Wakeboarding Camp

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Intro to Waterskiing

Meet counselor Adam

Waterski Equipment

What you need to know

SOS: Signals On Skis

Communication skills

Walk On Water

Pro tips makes it easy

Battle the Bumps

Top tips from a pro


More fun on the water