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The Scoop: Groundball Tips

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Basketball Camp

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Know the Rules

Use your brain to win

Dribbling Drills

The art of control

Balling Out

Hone your ball handling


Improve your speed

Passing Tips

Techniques for teamwork

Shoot with Coach

Shoot great baskets!

Defensive Moves

Stop the ball

Baseball Camp

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Baseball Intro

Intro to Baseball

Hitting Tips & Secrets

Be a better batter

Throwing Secrets

Controlling the ball

Pitch like a Pro

Pitch like a pro


Strategies for success

Get Low

Fielding ground balls

Catching Flyballs

Top tips for fielders

Meet the Coach

Instructor Will Leonard

Golf Camp

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Intro To Golf

Meet instructor Colin

Golf Basics

Learn the basics!

Golf: Irons and Woods

Get to know your clubs

Putting Drills

Skills for winning big!

Perfect Your Putt

Practice your putting

Swing Away

Swing for the hole!

Perfect Your Pitch

Practice your golf pitch

Gymnastics Camp With JT

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Meet your coach, JT

Crazy Cartwheels

Easy tumbling tips

Forward Roll

Flip fundamentals


Power and balance

Gymnastics Camp With Ryan

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Intro To Gymnastics

Ryan, English champion


Fundamentals from a pro

Handstand Power

Tips for not tipping over

Handstand Walk

Who needs shoes?


Safety and control

Build Core Muscles

Exercise for strength

Power Jump

Strength training legs

The Push-Up Clap

Get stronger, faster!

Round Off

Go beyond cartwheels

Hockey Camp

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Intro to Hockey

Meet Coach Wade

Hockey Basics

The basics of Hockey

Turning on Blades

Changing directions

Pass That Puck

Fundamentals & teamwork

Perfect Wrist Shot

Master the wrist shot!

Goalie Set Up

Get ready for action

Butterfly Position

Stop the puck!

Lacrosse Camp

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Intro to Lacrosse

Meet your coach, Alana

Cradle It

Protecting the ball

Field Positions

Offense and defense posit

Know the Rules

Learn how you score

Throw and Catch

Master the stick skills

The Face-off

How to get the ball

The Scoop

Groundball tips

Lacrosse: The Toss

Learn mad stick skills

Soccer Camp

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Soccer Basics

Field & team formation

Touch and Go

Dribbling and control

Soccer: Passing

Footwork fundamentals

Trap and Control

Pro tips for winning

Great Shots

Shoot to score!

Defend Your End

Stop the attack!

Penalty Kicks

Game winning shots

Out of Bounds: Throw-Ins

Gain advantage

Soccer Interview

Interview with Coach Jack

Taekwondo Camp

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Intro Taekwondo

Master the martial arts

Stretch It Out

Stretching for Taekwondo

Proper Punch

Form and fitness

Get Your Kicks

Power from the legs

Save Face

Block your opponents!

The Kip Up

Look like a pro

Tennis Camp

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Intro to Tennis

Meet JT, your tennis pro

Serve like an Ace

Power and placement

Tennis at Home

Off court training tips

The Backhand

Pro tennis tips

The Forehand

Follow through to win


Love means nothing

Your Net Game

Volley for victory

Sand Volleyball Camp

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Playing in the Sand

Get active at the beach!

Volleyball Basics

Learn the perfect set

Volleyball Serve

Start the game right

Bump It

Passing and position

Set It

Teamwork in action

Spike It

Master the blast

Waterski and Wakeboarding Camp

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Intro to Waterskiing

Meet counselor Adam

Waterski Equipment

What you need to know

SOS: Signals On Skis

Communication skills

Walk On Water

Pro tips makes it easy

Battle the Bumps

Top tips from a pro


More fun on the water