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Groove and Glide

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Singing Camp

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Intro to Singing

Meet counselor Melissa!


Good air, better singing

Breathing & Power

Breath control

Power Vocals

Clarity and confidence

Vocal Work-Out

Train to be rock star

Sound Dynamics

Pro singing tips

Vocal Control

Protect your voice

The Singalong

Fun camp songs

Singing Interview

Hear more from Melissa

Theater Camp

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An Actor Prepares

Techniques and warm-ups

Warm ups for the Stage

Get ready for the stage!

Backstage Tour

A look behind the scenes!

Stage Direction

Taking stage directions

Oh the Drama!

Comedy and conflict!

The Phone Call

Games actors play

Hip Hop Camp

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Intro to Hip Hop

Move and grove at Hip Hop

Hip-Hop: The Wave

Learn to go with the flow

Bring it to the Floor

Big moves take power

Hip-Hop: The Float

Gravity doesn't exist

Hip-Hop: Gliding

Expert tricks and tips

Hip-Hop: Pop & Lock

Master the moves

Do The Whip

Be the life of the party

Hip-Hop: Top Rock

Basic B-Boy moves

Hip-Hop: Tutting

Precision and angles

Interview with Guru Larry

Learn about Larry!

Tap Dancing Camp

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Intro to Tap Dance

Meet counselor Nicole!

Toe Tapping Fun

Tap dance steps

Keep on Tapping!

Tap dance steps

Irish Step Dance

Get on your toes

Leaping Buffalo

Broadway moves

Tap Timestep

Plus Buck Step

Shuffle Ball Change

With added Shim Sham

Magic Camp

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Intro To Magic

Meet counselor Jason

Pick a Card

Amaze your friends

Magic Card Sandwich

Amazing card trick

Marker Begone!

Learn sleight of hand

Magic Time Travel

Brain bending card trick

Amazing Rubber Bands

Cut & restore magic!

Salt Shaker Surprise

Where did it go?

Filmmaking Camp

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Make your movies!

Video Storyboarding

Creating a good story

Write a Great Story

Screenplay building block

Say, "Action!"

Pro tips for directors

Hollywood Hints

Ready for your close-up?

Make cool Video Effects!

Edit in cool effects!

The Green Screen

Make special effects!

Tech Talk

Expert equipment advice