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Camp Rocks

Painting on stones

Pitch like a Pro

Pitch like a pro

Toe Tapping Fun

Tap dance steps

Power Jump

Strength training legs

Gabby's Playhouse Playdates

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Spaw-tacular Playdate

Spaw-tacular Bath Bombs!

A Dance Party Playdate

Meow Meow Maracas!

Sprinkle Party Playdate

Sprinkle Pancake Cake!

Make, Create & Celebrate

Splatter Paint!


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Trick Pix

Fooling the eye

Shadow Magic

Make cool pictures

Sparkle Signs

Make signs that sparkle!

Camp Rocks

Painting on stones

Bandana Pillow

Easy to make pillow!

Say, "Action!"

Pro tips for directors

The Green Screen

Make special effects!

Write a Great Story

Screenplay building block

Three Cheese Please!

Blending is better!

Camper Corner

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Boom Chica Boom

Classic camp cheer

Get Energized

South African cheers

Zoomy Zoomy

A summer camp favorite!

The Old Lady's Cat

Another fun clapping game

Rock & Roll Cheer

Gotta stretch with this!

Backyard Cornhole

Easy lawn game

Cookie Bites!

Make a Delicious Snack!

Let's Make a Smoothie!

GoGo Squeez Smoothie!

Play Indoor Mini Golf!

Get Up and GoGo!

Try to Make me Laugh!

Try to Make me Laugh!

Make an Obstacle Course!

Get up and GoGo Fun!

Camp Lunchables

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Hitting Tips & Secrets

Be a better batter

Pitch like a Pro

Pitch like a pro

Dribbling Drills

The art of control

Golf: Irons and Woods

Get to know your clubs

Handstand Walk

Who needs shoes?

The Face-off

How to get the ball

Butterfly Position

Stop the puck!

Intro Taekwondo

Master the martial arts

Touch and Go

Dribbling and control

Serve like an Ace

Power and placement

Spike It

Master the blast

Crazy Cartwheels

Easy tumbling tips

Power Jump

Strength training legs

Rock & Roll Cheer

Gotta stretch with this!

Find Your Balance

Balance your body!


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Bring it to the Floor

Big moves take power

Toe Tapping Fun

Tap dance steps

Banging bongos

Tips for hand-drumming

Guitar: G and C Chords

Easy to play

Hum & Strum

Singing and playing!

Piano Minor Chords

Know the black keys

Backstage Tour

A look behind the scenes!

Intro to Violin

Explore basic techniques


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Trick Pix

Fooling the eye

Shadow Magic

Make cool pictures

Gimme Shelter

Build a simple tent


Learn Sphero skills

Obstacle Course

Precision & courage

Inflation Station

Balloon magic

Intro to Eco Science

Fun science experiments!


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Jason Silberman

Magic Counselor

Aaron Gough

Adventure Counselor

Adam Alspaugh

Waterski Counselor

Alana Slone

Lacrosse Counselor

Colin Amaral

Golf Counselor

Courtney Ortiz

Photography Counselor

David Weinstein

Music Counselor

Griffin Miller

Percussion Counselor

Jack Harris

Soccer Counselor

Jessica Tingle

Gymnastics Counselor


Tennis Counselor

Kyle Salmons

Taekwondo Counselor

Larry Albright

Hip Hop Counselor

Melissa Jacobson

Singing Counselor

Matt Perlman

Arts and Crafts Counselor

McDonald Jean-Louis

Basketball Counselor

Michael Strauss

Theater Counselor

Nicole Smith

Tap Dancing Counselor

Paige Duffack

Volleyball Counselor

Ryan Dury

Gymnastics Counselor

Sam Slavkin

Robotics and Film Production Counselor


Arts and Crafts and Cheerleading Counselor

Wade Liska

Hockey Counselor

Will Leonard

Baseball Counselor

Global Camps Africa

Camp Sizanani Counselors

Nathan Fernando

Robotics Counselor