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Written By: Adriana Ramirez

Get out all your joke books, funny comics, and write down any joke that has made you laugh because we are going to become comedians! You ever wonder how your favorite comedians create their own jokes? Well, you don’t have to wonder any longer because I’m going to give you some tips and tricks to help you create your very own creative and original joke.

There are many types of jokes but the easiest ones we are going to focus on are the set up and the punch line jokes. You’ve heard of them a million times; they are the question-and-answer jokes. For example, what happened when 19 and 20 got into a fight? 21… These type of jokes are easy and simple to create because you don’t need to set up a whole storyline for people to think they’re funny. 

Here are a few exercises that you can do to help get your jokester brain working.

kid writingFunny Word Story

Write down 5-10 random words on strips of paper and then put them inside a hat. Pick out four words to use and you have 10 minutes to create a funny story using those words. Be prepared to laugh because these stories are going to be so creative but make no sense at the same time.

Write a Comic Strip

Making a comic strip does not have to be so hard to do. Take a look at your favorite comics and write down what makes it funny. Also take a look at our other blog on How to Write a Comic Strip. There’s a lot of great ideas in there that can help you.

Keep a Notebook

When you’re going through life there is going to be a lot of things that will make you or others laugh, giggle, cackle, or ROFL (roll on the floor laughing!). Doing this you will have an endless number of ideas to write jokes about which will get your brain thinking.

kid writingCompare Game

When you compare two things that are related to each other it doesn’t come out funny right? Well, when you compare two things that have no relation to each other then it becomes whacky and funny. Use this game to come up with funny pairings and see if you can write a joke about them.

Use these exercises to help you come up with some great jokes. Don’t forget to share them with friends and family, see which ones really get them laughing!

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