Winter Holiday Camp at Happy Camper Live

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Five ways to keep the kids busy during winter break!

Every day is like a fun day at summer camp at Happy Camper Live!

There is a ton to do to keep your kids busy.

  1. Learn an instrument. There are guitar lessons, drum lessons, ukulele lessons and more. Kids can even learn to sing using your own instrument! Just exposing your kids to music is a great way to see if they have that desire to pick up an instrument and play along.

    Learn to play the Ukulele this winter break
    Learn how to play a ukulele right at home this winter break
  2. Try a magic trick. Jason is a great magic counselor and loves to share his tips with kids interesting in learning to do magic tricks on their own. Not only will your camper be happy learning but showing off to all the family and friends during the holidays keeps everyone entertained.
  3. Take a shot. Whatever sports you want to try there is a way to safely practice inside. Our coaches at Happy Camper Live show kids all kinds of great tips to help them learn or get better in their favorite sport.
  4. Get moving. At Happy Camper Live, our hip hop counselor Larry inspires kids to learn great dance moves to show off at your next party.
  5. Try an experiment. Turn your home into a science lab.

Happy Camper Live offers free winter holiday camp activities! Watch. Play. Do.



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