Why Working At A Summer Camp Is Great For Your Resume

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Putting together a resume can be tough without much experience, which is why working at a summer camp is great for your resume. Gain resume experience and have a blast working with kids at summer camp. Remember the days when you were at summer camp playing games, doing arts and crafts, and running around with friends? Make new fun summer camp memories and help today’s young campers enjoy their summer camp experience by being a summer camp counselor.

Here’s why working at a summer camp is great for your resume!


Show You Are A Team Player

While working at a summer camp, you will have to work collaboratively with others. That includes your camp director and supervisors, other camp counselors, and of course the campers who may vary in age and ability. You’ll be in close quarters and will have to work collaboratively to get tasks such as camp chores done. This means being a team player and teaching the campers to do the same!


Show You Are A Leader

Managing a group of eight-year-olds can be challenging. Camp counselors have to become leaders almost instantly so they can organize campers into games, cabins, and activities. Sometimes you will have to get in front of a crowd and give directions or lead an activity to get kids interested in it. Other times you may delegate to other campers. Working at a summer camp gives you leadership experience and can help you teach other campers how to develop leadership experience too. This is a great skill to have on your resume. 


Show You Are Adaptable

No two days at summer camp are exactly the same. Working at a summer camp will give you firsthand experience dealing with different personalities, responding to accidents or injuries, and pivoting activities when the rain ruins an outdoor activity day. Being adaptable and flexible is a great skill to have in any job, and you can learn this skill by working as a summer camp counselor. You will usually have a general plan for how the day will go, but be ready to shift gears if a camper is having trouble or if the camp director wants to shake things up that day. 


Show You Are Passionate

To work at a summer camp, you have to have a fun side and you have to be passionate about having fun! Committing to working at a summer camp shows passion because you gave up doing other things all summer and put in time, work, and energy to making a bunch of kids have the best summer ever. Being a summer camp counselor requires a huge amount of heart, which can be a valued trait by employers. 

Working at a summer camp is a truly rewarding experience, and you will learn so much about yourself and about others. If you don’t have your summer plans set yet, consider applying to be a summer camp counselor so you can have a fun and fulfilling summer experience. 

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