What Your Favorite Holiday Cookie Says About You

Written By: happycamper

The holiday season means it’s time to get out the baking supplies and start baking cookies. Not every cookie is made the same just like no person is the same. Every holiday cookie has its own personality just like you do.

Let’s explore what your favorite holiday cookie says about you.


chocolate chip cookieChocolate Chip Cookie

The chocolate chip cookie is a classic. It’s a friendly cookie that everyone loves. If you’re a fan of a chocolate chip cookie, you’re probably someone who gets along well with everyone. You know how to have friends in different friend groups, and how to help turn a bad day into a good one. You’re sweet and can work with any type of group or situation.


Sugar Cookie

Sugar cookies are easy to make, sweet, and ready quickly. If sugar cookies are your favorite cookie, you’re probably a no-nonsense person who sticks with their favorites. You like to get the job done well, and quickly. You are sweet, but efficient.

Oatmeal Cookie

These are the grandmas of the cookie world and not in a bad way. Oatmeal cookies (with chocolate chips of course!) are made with care, and if this is your favorite cookie, you’re likely someone who is caring and cozy. You are probably wholesome and always willing to lend a hand to those in need.


gingerbread cookieGingerbread Cookie

If gingerbread cookies are your favorite, you like to have fun and might be a little spicy (in a good way!). You bring a different perspective to life. Gingerbread cookies are the star of the holiday season, so you might also enjoy stealing the spotlight.


Peanut Butter Blossom

If peanut butter blossom cookies are your favorite holiday cookie, you’re intelligent and grounded. Like the blossom, which is easy to make, you are level headed and calm. You may be the voice of reason in your friend group. Like the Hershey Kisses on top of the cookie, you also have a fun side.



snickerdoodle cookieSnickerdoodle

Like the snickerdoodle cookie, you bring some fun to the party. You may be an extrovert and someone who loves to spend time talking with people. Snickerdoodle cookies are full of spice, you’re probably someone with a lot of energy who has a lot of friends.

Everything Cookie

These are exactly as they sound — they have a little bit of everything. If you’re a fan of everything cookies (fruits, nuts, granola, chocolate chips, pretzel bits, literally everything and anything), then you are probably a creative or fearless type. You mix ingredients just to see what happens and to find out whether they taste good together (most of the time they do!). You aren’t afraid to come up with new flavor combinations which means you probably like to try new things.

If reading this blog has you hungry, check out our on-demand Happy Camper Live Cooking Camp to learn some great recipes.

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