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Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids

Written By: happycamper

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate love and friendship than by creating adorable and heartfelt crafts? These easy Valentine’s Day crafts are perfect for kids of all ages!


Valentine’s Day Friendship Bracelets

Materials needed: assorted colored beads, elastic cord, scissors, and clear nail polish or glue

Instructions: Crafting friendship bracelets is a classic summer camp activity that can be done year round. Provide an array of beads in Valentine’s Day colors, and thread them onto elastic cords. Once the design is complete, tie the ends together and dab a little clear nail polish or glue on the knot to secure it. Let it dry. Then share them with friends and family!


Love Bug Valentine’s Cards

Materials needed: colored paper googly eyes, pipe cleaners, glue, and scissors

Instructions: Make cute love bug cards by cutting heart shapes from colored paper and gluing googly eyes on them. Attach pipe cleaners as antennae and draw expressions on your love bugs. 


Valentine’s Day Glitter Slime

Materials needed: clear or white glue, liquid starch, red and pink glitter,  heart-shaped confetti 

Instructions: In a bowl, mix equal parts clear or white glue and liquid starch. Stir until a slime consistency forms. Add red and pink glitter along with heart-shaped confetti for a festive touch. Knead the slime until it’s smooth and sparkly. Put it in cute containers and give it to your friends for Valentine’s Day slime.


Heart-Shaped Photo Frame

Materials needed: craft foam or cardstock, glitter glue, small photos, glue, magnets or stands

Instructions: Cut out heart shapes from craft foam or cardstock and decorate them with glitter glue. Choose and attach small photos of yourself or your loved ones. Attach magnets to the back for fridge display or use small stands to showcase these adorable heart-shaped photo frames on shelves or desks.

This Valentine’s Day, make some memorable gifts for your friends and family. These Valentine’s Day crafts for kids are super easy and fun to do! For more arts and crafts fun, check out Happy Camper Live’s Arts & Crafts Camp.

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