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Thanksgiving DIY Crafts

Written By: Adriana Ramirez

Getting in the holiday spirit? Want to spend some time doing an activity together as a family? Here are 4 crafts you can do to make your house look festive for Thanksgiving.


Thankful Turkey Toilet Paper Rolls

Want to show what you are thankful for this Thanksgiving? Get creative and use your finished toilet paper roll to make some turkeys. All you need is paper, crayons, brown paint, and a finished toilet paper roll. Paint your toilet paper roll all brown, making sure it is all the same color. Color your paper any color  you want, these will be the turkey feathers that you’ll cut into a pointed oval shape. After you’ll glue them to your roll. You can cut out as many feathers as you want. You can then write what you are thankful for on your feathers before gluing them on your roll.


Pie Coasters

These will be look so cute and give your table the fall aesthetic during any dinner. To start you’ll need three colored felt sheets and a glue gun. You’ll cut one felt sheet into wedge pie slices, these will be the crust pieces. The next one you’ll cut into the same shape but a bit smaller as these will be the filling of the pie. The last felt sheet will be your whipped cream shape, you can cut it into any blob shape you’d like. To finally put it together use the glue gun; you’ll probably need an adult’s help for this step.


Hand Tree Centerpiece

Time to get creative and make some super cute centerpieces for your Thanksgiving dinner table. Grab a paper plate, green and brown paint, colored paper, and finished toilet paper roll. You want to paint your paper plate green and your toilet paper roll brown. When both are dry you will cut the bottom of your roll to make four slits that you will glue down to the paper plate. This will represent your tree trunk. With your colored paper you’ll trace your hand as to make the colorful tree leaves, when finished tracing cut out your hands and glue them to your tree trunk. If you like you can grab small sticks and pinecones to add to your centerpiece. You can even add rocks and write on them what you are thankful for too!


Leaf Painting

You’ll need to go out exploring to grab your leaves, grab a good handful. You’ll tape them down on your paper and just paint over them using any colors to cover the whole paper. Once finished you’ll slowly peel off your leaves and in its place, you’ll have different leaf silhouettes. Once it’s dry you can hang your design in your home and make more leaf paintings to make your home feel like fall!

We hope you enjoyed these holiday crafts! Check back for more holiday fun.

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