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Survival Skills Every Kid Should Know

Written By: happycamper

Hey there, young adventurers! Are you ready to learn some super cool survival skills that will make you feel like a real-life superhero? Learning how to handle unexpected situations is not just for grown-ups. You can be a superhero too by mastering these essential skills!


Bandage Power

Knowing how to clean and bandage an injury  is like having a healing superpower. You can learn to patch up small cuts and scrapes to save the day! Ask you parents to give you a small kit of first aid supplies like band-aids and wipes so you’re prepared for any occasion.


Map Quest Masters! 

Imagine being able to read a treasure map like a pro! Learning how to find your way using a map and spotting cool landmarks is an awesome skill to have.


Plant Detectives

Edible or Not? Become an expert in finding yummy edible plants and avoid the ones that might not be so friendly. It’s like having a secret garden of super snacks! Pick up a book on edible plants at the library or do some research online.


Fire Safety

Handle with care! Fire can be amazing but also needs superhero handling! Under supervision, learn to start, put out, and stay safe around a fire. It’s a skill every hero needs!


Water Wizardry

Find and purify! Have you ever thought about how to find clean water in the wild? Learn how to spot safe water and make it super clean to drink!


Cooking Quest

Campfire Chef! Be a hero in the kitchen too! Learn to cook simple meals on a camp stove or over a fire. Who knew you could make delicious food in the wild?


Wildlife Watchers

Be animal aware! Learn how to be safe around animals and what to do if you meet them in the wild. It’s all about understanding our furry and feathery friends!

By learning these skills with the help of grown-up heroes, you’ll be all set to handle any adventure that comes your way. These skills aren’t just for fun, they’ll make you more confident and super prepared for whatever exciting challenges life throws at you. Get ready to be the ultimate superhero with your amazing survival skills!

Watch “Episode 21 – Campin’ Out For A Day Of Fun!!” of Kidoodle TV to learn how to build a shelter. 

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