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Summer Camp Hacks, Tips and Tricks

Written By: happycamper

Getting Ready for Summer Camp?

Here are some summer camp hacks and tips!

Have you ever gone camping at summer camp only to realize you forgot something important? Have you been in a situation to where you just don’t know quite how to make things happen when you need them to the most? Maybe it’s time to just catch up on a few tips and hacks to avoid that feeling of hopelessness in the future.

“Hack” is kind of a cool sounding word. Sounds super technical and almost sinister, doesn’t it? Like digging into the inner workings of some computer or getting that super sweet angle to grab a stuffed bunny on the claw game at the arcade. Hacking often has a negative connotation, but it can be used for good as well. Hack has several definitions, however one of them according  to is being “ to make use of a tip, trick, or efficient method for doing or managing something”

So what are some hacks you can use out in the wild while away camping at summer camp? There are a lot of them!

Canoeing or Kayaking

Summer camps often have access to canoes and kayaks. The most common mistake when using an oar is having it face the wrong direction. The smooth part faces you. How do you remember that? Because hey, you’re cool and you’re smooth. Easy!

Alternative uses for an oar: Giving someone a high five from far away or flipping a really, really big pancake at the summer camp brunch. Using as a crutch or walking stick in case of an injury.


Sometimes you need to save as much space as you can at summer camp, so rather than pack a big fluffy pillow, just take the pillow case and stuff it with clothes. Maybe some clean clothes…I doubt you want to use those two day old wet socks and smell them while you try and drift away into dreamland. That may cause some stinky nightmares.

Alternative uses for a pillow case: Sack race substitute or a solid trick or treat bag.


Getting that camp fire up and roaring with your fellow campers can be tougher when it has been raining. Leaves, sticks and other starter elements won’t light well when they are wet. Substitute some of your chips instead! Anything greasy or oily like Doritos, Fritos or basic chips should help get things cracking… and crackling!

Alternative uses for chips: Eating of course! Plus, Doritos can almost make some cool little sailboats and Fritos are fantastic for chili dipping.


Before you head over to the campfire, suggest to your counselor that they bring some tinfoil. It can easily be an essential cooking tool and it can be used to wrap up all sorts of things like potatoes and fish. Make sure you save room for s’mores!

Alternative uses for tinfoil: Craft a piece into a nice form fitting hat to protect yourself from alien mind reading!

Duct Tape

Duct tape is a wonderful little item. It’s fairly small and can be packed easily and can be of service for anything from blisters or temporary splints for minor injuries.

Alternative uses for duct tape: bracelets, three legged races and sealing up holes and about a million other things.

Baby Wipes

No time for a bubble bath or a long and refreshing shower? Bring some baby wipes with you for a quick pit and foot wipe down before heading out to the summer camp mixer.

Alternative uses for baby wipes: removing make up in a pinch or waving goodbye dramatically to someone.

Poison Ivy

There are so many plants and foliage in the woods, so how do you steer clear of the dreaded poison ivy? There’s an old saying that says “leaves of three, let it be!” and “longer middle stem, stay far away from them!” Memorize those sayings to stay itch-free next time you’re strolling through nature.

No good alternative uses for poison ivy…duh


Small and easy to pack, bring along some sage from your mom’s spice rack to throw in the campfire to ward off mosquitos.

Alternative Uses for Sage – Warding off vampires? Garlic is soooo 2018

Plates and Frisbees

No paper plates to eat off of? Use a frisbee! No frisbee to throw? Use a paper plate!

Alternative uses for frisbees and paper plates:  hats and mini-UFOs

Flip Flops/Sandals

Regardless of what the temperature is outdoors, sandals or flip flops are always convenient and easy to use. Rather than pulling on your muddy shoes or going barefoot in the showers, slip these on for fast and effective footwear when you need it. Plus they help when running from your cabin to the restroom!

Alternative uses for sandals or flip flops: bug swatters or smack them on your leg to form your own unique noisemaker band.

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