Sports: Learn at Camp, Improve at Home

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Kids can learn to play sports at Happy Camper Live

How your kids can improve at sports at home

Sports are an important and fun part of being a kid. When you were little, you most likely had toys and balls around that helped you learn the different skills that would prepare you for sports later on.

As you got a little older, you probably spent time running around chasing your friends or swinging on the swing at the park. Without realizing it, you were practicing something fun and you were getting better at it.

But let’s think about something that you had to work harder at to show improvement.

Almost everyone takes swimming lessons from someone else; it’s not the type of thing that is normally self-taught. Maybe you enjoyed swimming lessons, but maybe you dreaded them. Putting all those pieces together is tough, and swimming laps is hard work. But it made you better and turned you into the swimmer you are today. And now I bet you have so much fun splashing around with your friends at the pool! That’s because you put in the work and you practiced.

Now that you’re a little older, sports take more focused practice. Getting better comes from your willingness to put in the effort!

Happy Camper Sports

Here at Happy Camper, we are all about bring fun and joy into your life 365 days a year. We also know that kids need to be challenged and that joy comes from trying something new, through sparking creativity, moving your body and more!

Today we’re talking about the awesome Sports’ Camps we offer, and how you can take the athletic skills you learn from camp and apply it at home to be the best you can be!


Practicing at Home

Every single one of our sports’ camps give you the basic set of skills you need to get started. We don’t expect you to be a pro at any of these, in fact, we really hope you try some sports you’ve never done before. But you’re going to need to practice!

On the other hand, if for example, basketball is what you love, we certainly hope you’ll give our basketball camp a try because we guarantee that Coach Mick will help you hone your skills…this guy knows his stuff! If you’re thinking to yourself, “Nah, I’m already REALLY good at basketball” you have the wrong attitude. The best athletes are the ones who are willing to learn from experts and know there is always room to improve.

Beyond Basketball Camp, let’s check out a few other sports you can play. For each, we’ll give examples of how our camps teach skills that you to practice on your own time.


Baseball Camp

Pro Baseballer Coach Will slowly goes through the process of how to:

  • properly hold and swing a bat. He’ll show you the four parts: grip, stance, weight shift, and follow through.
  • field grounders with proper technique.
  • catch fly balls.
  • pitch like a pro!

All of these are simple to practice at home, not to mention fun to do when you grab a friend. At Happy Camper we encourage you to enjoy the outdoors while being active!


Golf Camp

At our golf camp you get to learn from a PGA Pro! No matter how new you are to golf or how experienced you may be, you can certainly learn a thing or two to up your golf game. Some of the skills PGA Pro Colin walks you through are:

  • which club to use and why
  • how to properly grip and choosing which works best for you
  • producing the “letter L” to complete a proper golf swing
  • correctly positioning the ball for putting with proper distance control

Colin reminds us how important it is to practice your golf game. Putting, for example, is something that can be practiced right in your living room! Of course, we want you to spend some time out on the green, too. Report back – we’d love to hear how it went!


Gymnastics Camp

Gymnastics is a sport easily practiced inside your house…as long as you can create an open area. Our gymnastics’ camps teach you several skills that you can build from as you improve over time. Here are just a few we teach you!

  • Cartwheels
  • Handstands
  • Push-Ups
  • Round-offs

Coach Ryan will even teach you to do a walking handstand if you’re ready for it! In fact, every single one of you is capable…as long as you practice. You’ll be amazed at the strong body you can create when you incorporate gymnastics’ practice into your daily routine!


Make Practice Fun

Forcing practice for something you don’t enjoy isn’t any fun. But if it’s a sport that you love and want to get better at, sometimes that means practicing skills that might be a little tougher for you. Practicing becomes a lot more fun when you have a positive attitude about it…grabbing a friend or two to practice with makes it even better. Plus, you’ll see your improvement and that feels good!

We offer SO MANY different sports’ camps for you to try. And when you give your best shot, it can become something to enjoy for the rest of your life!

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