On-Demand Activities And Ideas For Homeschooling

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Whether you’re new to homeschooling or looking to freshen up some of the curriculum this year, here are a few ways to find homeschooling ideas and resources so you can build a fun and educational lesson for your kids. 

Looking online for homeschooling ideas and resources is an obvious option, but there is so much information out there. It can be overwhelming to try to sort through which websites or lessons you want to use for every subject you’re teaching at home. It may help to narrow it down to searching for a few things online and then using other existing resources for additional homeschooling ideas like the ones below. 


Check Out Your Local Library

Libraries are a great place to find resources for homeschooling. If you’re teaching your kids about a particular subject, you can likely find a book, movie, or audiobook on the topic at your local library. Libraries also have dedicated staff that can help you find resources you need, plus some libraries offer access to online learning tools too. 


guitar campLook For On-Demand Activities

It’s hard to be a math teacher, music teacher, and basketball coach. Instead of trying to do it all, focus on academics and look for on-demand activities that kids can do to fill the rest of their day. Happy Camper Live has on-demand music classes including guitar, singing, ukelele, keyboard, percussion, and violin. For kids who are sports fans, check out the on-demand sports lessons like basketball, soccer, lacrosse, golf, gymnastics, tennis, taekwondo, baseball, and hockey. 


Outsource Subjects

It’s okay to outsource teaching of subjects you’re not familiar with or if you just want your kids to learn from an expert. For example, if your child wants to learn a language, but you don’t speak it, look up a class in your area or online. Duolingo is a quick option that helps learn a little bit of a language every day. You can learn along with your kids or get them set up to learn a language of their choice. 


Don’t Forget The Arts

Arts are an important part of a homeschooling curriculum. If you have your own set of supplies at home but need ideas, then look to online resources like Pinterest or Happy Camper Live’s on-demand art activities. There are tons of ideas out there for you to use in your home classroom. Learning to be creative is an important part of homeschool development and taking an art class can help kids grow in an area of their interest. Jewelry making, painting, ceramics, drawing, and sewing are just some of the art options out there.  


Check Out Museums

A trip to your local museum will help your child appreciate history and art, and will teach them about those subjects ans well. Museums, like libraries, often have additional resources about exhibits online so the learning can continue at home. Many museums have child-friendly exhibits or information to help your kids learn. Check out science museums too; they often have hands-on activities. 


Look Around Your Neighborhood

Learning about your city and neighborhood is a great way to pique curiosity in kids. Arrange a field trip to the local water treatment plant to learn about the process water goes through to get from your house to the treatment plant and back again. Oftentimes, those city facilities will host public tours or field trips for grade school kids. That will teach kids about science and math. Write a letter to your local city councilperson about something you love about your neighborhood or something you want to change; that will practice writing skills. Talk to your neighbors about what they could teach your kids. You never know what someone’s secret passion is and where they can lend a hand to add to your child’s homeschooling education. 

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