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Written By: Janelle Via Anne Mari

Have you ever experienced hosting a movie with your friends? Why don’t you make your own movie invitation card? Send it out to your friends and invite them!


Firstly, this is what we need for the invitation card:

• Any card/s or paper/s

• Pen


Movie NightFor the movie showing:

• Your parent’s consent

• Any kids holiday movie

• Popcorn and candies

• Soda or water

• Bags or bowls for the popcorn

• Pillows or blanket


Moving on, let’s take a look at how to do it!


Step 1. Prepare your invitation card and send it to your friends.

• Get your paper or card and pen.

• Decorate your card and be creative.

• Write the details in the card. 

• Send it to your friends!


Step 2. Ask your parents and prepare the movie show.

Get your parent’s consent and ask what movies you can choose from.


Movie NightChoose a kids holiday movie.

You can also check some movies below:

• Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

• Trolls Holiday

• Coco

• The Smurfs

• Dr Seuss: The Grinch


Step 3. Clean, prepare and decorate the location. 

• Choose the location for the movie show.

• Clean up! Grab the blankets and pillows and place them anywhere you’d like.

• Get the popcorn bowls and or any container for the popcorn.

• Make sure the seats are comfortable.


Step 4. Grab the snacks and serve drinks!

• Get and make the popcorn, be careful!

• Put it in the popcorn bowl. Prepare the other snacks.

• Grab the soda or any drinks you want to share with your friends.


Step 5. Have a seat, and enjoy the movie with your friends!

• Make yourselves at home.

• Wait for your friends.

• Grab some snacks, watch the movie, and have some fun!

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