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Mind-Blowing Kid Experiments Straight from the Pantry

Written By: allison miller


Do you (or your kids) have the curiosity for super cool, hands-on science or art and craft projects?

One thing is for sure. There is absolutely no need to spend money on extravagant science kits to enjoy mind-blowing kid experiments straight from the pantry.

During our new normal, experimentation is a great way to throw boredom (and technology) out the window to hypothesize and analyze ingredients from the kitchen pantry.

Conducting easy-breezy science experiments at home is one of the best things you can do to teach problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Even if you don’t think your child is interested in science at all, you just might empower them by encouraging a memorable day in the kitchen using everyday ingredients that nobody would ever think to use in an experiment of any kind. Who knows, they might come back asking for more after it’s all said and done!


Mind-Blowing Kid Experiments Straight from the Pantry for Ages 5 to 12


Truth is, all kids are born with a scientific mind.

  • Kids love asking questions.
  • They love to probe.
  • Children love coming up with innovative ideas on how to put to the test many things (not just your patience!).
  • And, sometimes, kids even love to talk non-stop about whatever outcome they are dealing with at any given moment.

Let’s get those sensory-rich minds and stimulate them with cheap kitchen experiments for ages 5 to 12.


a glass of Alka Seltzer in a Glass of Fizzy Water

Spark Your Inner-Scientists with Alka Seltzer Rockets


Household Kitchen Ingredients Include:

  • One Glass of Water
  • One Small Plastic Storage Holder with Cap (or empty film canister with cap)
  • One Packet of Alka Seltzer Tablets (or antacid pain relief tablets)

You Also Need:

  • Goggles or Protective Eye Wear
  • A Clear Day Outside (it gets messy!)

Step #1: Put goggles on.

Step #2:  Cut Alka Seltzer Tablet into a ¼.

Step #3:  Pour 2/3 water in the food storage holder or canister (fill it up).

Step #4:  Drop ¼ Alka Seltzer Tablet into the water.

Step #5:  THE SECOND  you place the tablet in the water, IMMEDIATELY place the cap back onto the container.

Step #6:  Place the food storage holder or canister upside down on a smooth surface.

Step #7:  Back away from the food storage holder or canister!

What You Will Observe:

The chemical reaction between the Alka Seltzer and water creates bubbles from the carbon dioxide that is released. Watch as the bubbles form, then make
pressure from the gas build-up, causing the lid to explode off of the container, just in the same way as a rocket!

raw eggs to be used in a floating egg science experiment

How to Make an Egg Float Kid Science Experiment


Household Kitchen Ingredients Include:

  • 4 Tall Clear Glasses (wide enough to drop an egg into)
  • Water 4 Eggs (right out of the carton) Oil, Coffee Grounds, Sugar, and Salt (1-2 cups)

Step #1:  Fill all 4 glasses with halfway with water and label them #1- #4.

Step #2:  Put a fresh, raw egg into the each glasses.

Step #3:  Ask your kids what they predict will make the egg float:  oil, coffee grounds, sugar, or salt?

Step #4:  Drop coffee grounds into glass #1 and stir in more freshwater.

Step #5:  Drop oil into glass #2 and stir in more freshwater.

Step #6:  Drop sugar into glass #3 and stir in more freshwater.

Step #7:  Drop salt into glass #4 and stir in more freshwater.

What You Will Observe

An egg is dense because it has more molecules per square inch so, naturally, the egg sinks in freshwater. Salt is the kitchen ingredient used to make an egg float. Watch the egg float to the top as you stir the salt into the freshwater.

a glass of water with colorful skittles and m&ms for kid science experiement ingredients

Dissolving Science Experiments for Kids with Skittles & M&M’s


Household Kitchen Ingredients Include:

  • M&M’s
  • Skittles
  • 2 Bowls With a Little Water

Step #1:  Put 3 skittles in one bowl of water.

Step #2:  Put 3 M&M’s in the other bowl of water.

What You Will Observe with M&M Kitchen Experiment

M&M’s are coated with a sugar that is colored. The colored sugar will dissolve very easily in water, giving you all sorts of pretty colors to view and talk about. Even more impressive, the M on the M&M is made with more than just sugar, making it un-dissolvable as it separates away from the candy and floats up to the very top of the water.

What You Will Observe with Skittles Kitchen Experiment

Skittles work much the same way as M&M’s – accept they are pure sugar. The water and sugar in this experiment make for a colorful mixture. Kids love watching the colors mix. Get creative with this one – try placing 17-20 skittles into a dish, pour a little water in it, and see what happens!


More Arts, Crafts, & Science Experiments


Mind-blowing kid experiments straight from the pantry for Ages 5 to 12 do not stop here. Meet the Arts and Crafts Camp Counselor, Sarah.

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