Mastering Tennis Skills In Winter: Drills For Kids

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The winter season often brings a chill in the air, making outdoor activities a bit more challenging, especially for tennis enthusiasts. For kids passionate about perfecting their tennis skills, the colder months might seem like a barrier. However, with a little creativity and the right approach, winter can be an excellent time to refine those serves, volleys, and footwork, all while having a blast!


instructor teaching tennisImportance of Winter Practice

Tennis is a sport that requires continuous practice and skill refinement. Winter should not be seen as a break from the game but rather an opportunity to focus on specific aspects of tennis that might get overlooked during the more active playing season.

During the winter, the focus can shift to building strength, refining techniques, and improving overall fitness. This period allows young tennis enthusiasts to work on their game’s fundamentals, leading to significant progress when they hit the courts in spring.


Indoor Tennis Activities

Wall Drills

Find an indoor wall space, whether it’s in a garage, shed, or a sports hall, and practice hitting the ball against the wall. This helps in honing accuracy, timing, and ball control.


Mini Tennis

Set up a mini net in the living room or any spacious area, using soft balls or foam balls, and practice volleys, footwork, and hand-eye coordination.


Fitness and Strength Training

Winter is the perfect time to focus on strength and fitness. Engage in exercises that will improve agility, speed, and endurance, such as jumping jacks, lunges, or skipping.


Visualization and Mental Training

Watch professional tennis matches or instructional videos. Encourage children to visualize themselves on the court, strategizing and making the perfect shots.


kid playing indoor tennisJoin Indoor Tennis Programs

Look for local indoor tennis clubs or facilities that offer winter programs for kids. These programs often include coaching, drills, and match-play opportunities in indoor courts. Not only do they provide structured training, but they also offer a chance to meet and compete with other young players.

Winter doesn’t have to freeze a child’s tennis progress. With creativity and dedication, it can still be a great time for kids to grow their tennis skills. Watch “Episode 24 – Triple Threat: Tennis, Ballet and Theater!” of Kidoodle TV for more fun tennis drills.

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