Let’s Play Lacrosse: Skills And Drills For Kids

Written By: happycamper

Hey there, future lacrosse stars! Are you excited to learn how to play one of the coolest sports around? Lacrosse is a thrilling game that combines speed, agility, and teamwork. But before you can become a lacrosse pro, you need to master some essential skills and drills.

Let’s explore some fun and effective ways to improve your lacrosse game.



Cradling is like magic with a lacrosse stick. It’s all about controlling the ball while running, dodging, and avoiding defenders. Start by holding your stick with both hands, one on the top and the other near the bottom. Gently rock the stick back and forth, making the ball dance in the pocket of your stick. Practice this skill while jogging around your backyard or at the local park. The more you practice, the better you’ll become at keeping the ball safe and sound.


Passing and Catching

Passing and catching are two of the most important skills in lacrosse. Find a friend or family member to practice with. Stand a few yards apart and work on your passes. Don’t forget to use both hands – you never know which side you will need to pass or catch with!


Ground Ball Pickup

Lacrosse is all about scooping up ground balls quickly and efficiently. Drop a lacrosse ball on the ground and practice picking it up using your stick. Remember to get low, bend your knees, and scoop the ball into your stick’s pocket. 



Scoring goals is the most exciting part of lacrosse! Practice your shooting by setting up a target (like a wall with a marked target area) and aim for it with your shots. Work on your accuracy and try different types of shots, like overhand, sidearm, and underhand. The more you practice, the better your shots will become.



Dodging is a skill that helps you avoid defenders and get to the goal. Practice dodging by setting up cones or markers in your backyard and weaving in and out of them while cradling the ball. Work on your quick cuts and change of direction to leave defenders in the dust.

With dedication and hard work, you’ll become a lacrosse star in no time. So, grab your lacrosse stick, head outside, and have a blast mastering these skills and drills.

Watch “Episode 18 – Ready, Set, Repair, Jam & Faceoff!” of Kidoodle TV to learn how to do faceoffs in lacrosse.

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