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Learn How To Play The Guitar

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If you’re thinking of taking up a new instrument, the guitar is a great one to start with! They’re easy to carry, require minimal maintenance, and anyone can learn to play! Guitars come in all sizes, so even the little ones can pick one up. A classical or acoustic guitar is a great choice for beginners. If you’re looking for a rock and roll sound, you might consider an electric guitar, but you’ll also need to learn about amps for those. Once you get your guitar, it’s time to get started learning how to play the guitar!

Check our Guitar Activities For Kids YouTube video and read on for more tips!

Learn Your Guitarkid playing guitar

Before you get started playing the guitar, it’s important to learn all the terminology and parts of your guitar. There’s the body, frets, sound hole, tuning keys, neck, strings, bridge and more. If your guitar doesn’t come with a guide, a quick internet search will help you learn about each part of the guitar. You’ll want to learn how to tune your strings so you can hit the right notes in each jam session. 



When you’re starting to learn a new hobby, it’s important to practice, practice, practice. You won’t be perfect every time, but it’s all about learning and having fun. Start playing and go in with an open mind. Every time you play, you will learn something new and build that muscle memory. Find one or two warm-up exercises that you can do every time you start playing, and they’ll become a habit. Once you’ve warmed your fingers up, you can move on to trying some beginner songs.


Virtual Guitar Campguitar camp

Want to learn or improve your guitar skills? Our virtual Guitar Camp is guaranteed to bring fun to kids of all ages! Our strumming techniques, basic chords, easy songs, and many more activities are always on demand when you want them. Grab your guitar and start playing at… 


The most important thing when learning a new instrument is to have fun with it!

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