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Learn Essential Camp Survival Skills

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If you go to summer camp, you will likely learn some camp survival skills. The great thing about these skills is that they can be translated to camping trips with your family, field trips, or really used anytime you need them.

Learn these essential camp survival skills for your next outdoor adventure.


youth hikingBe Aware Of Your Surroundings

This first skill is one that can help you in all areas of your life. When you’re crossing the street you make sure to look both ways to see if cars are coming and if they are, you probably won’t do the dangerous thing. This same strategy can be used to help you when you’re outdoors. If you’re in the outdoors, look at signs to indicate where you’re going. Look at your surroundings and note anything that is memorable so you can direct people if you’re calling for help. You may need to recall a notable feature like a large unusual-shaped rock, or a wide tree trunk. If you are adventuring in the wilderness away from camp you can bring materials with you so you can create bright colored ties on different trees to indicate your way back to camp.


Learn To Tie Knots

Learning to tie knots is an important skill for those who love the outdoors. The right knot can save a life, and they are also just handy for hanging hammocks, tying items down, and binding items together. Tying knots promotes hand-eye coordination, and is something kids can practice at camp or on long car drives.

One of the most common knots you should learn is the square knot, which can be used to secure a rope around an object. You might use this when tying bundles of firewood together. A bowline knot is another knot that is useful for camping or outdoor adventures because it forms a loop that can be used for someone to grab onto if you need to be pulled up. It’s often used when mountaineering. Once you’ve mastered those two, look up some other ones online and expand your skillset.


Build A Shelter

Knowing how to build a shelter is an essential camp survival skill. A shelter is important because it can protect you from the elements and it’s a good skill to have in case you ever get separated from your group or lost in the woods. First, find a location that’s protected from the wind and won’t get flooded if a storm hits. Find some large logs that can be used to build a rectangular frame. Fill the frame with leaves or pine branches to insulate the ground. Then try to use additional logs and sticks to build an A-frame shelter. Be creative in how you get the sticks to stay together. Then top the frame with additional pine needles and leaves to provide more insulation.


kids kayakingPractice Safe Water Skills

If you’re planning to spend time swimming, kayaking, or boating, it’s important to learn about water safety so you can practice safe water skills. Before you go out on the water, know the weather forecast and designate an emergency contact at camp. That person should know you’re heading out to the water, and also when you plan to return so they can look for you if you’re not back by then. Always wear a life jacket. You never know when something could happen. It’s always better to be wearing a life jacket in case you hit your head or are unable to swim. If you’re in a kayak learn how to get back in if it flips. Know where fire extinguishers and emergency equipment are if you’re in a boat.


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