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How To Personalize Your School Locker

Written By: happycamper

School lockers aren’t just for storing stuff, they’re a fun way to show a little bit of your personality. If your school allows you to decorate the inside of your locker, what are you waiting for? Have fun with it!


school lockerAdd A Shelf

Putting a shelf in your locker can actually help you increase your storage options. Backpacks and books take up a lot of space, but if you have a high shelf up inside your locker, you can store all your extras there. A shelf can be great for stacking books and notebooks too. Most major retail stores carry these during the back to school season.


Put Up Removable Wallpaper

You probably aren’t allowed to paint the inside of your locker, but you can look into if you can add removable wallpaper. There are so many patterns and fun colors to choose from that would add a pop of color to your locker. Even if you can’t use the adhesive kind, you can use painters tape to tape it to the back of your locker. Painter’s tape is easy to remove and doesn’t leave a residue.


Use Magnets

Magnets are a great way to hold up pictures of your dog, friends, family or other magazine cutouts you want on the inside of your locker. Regular tape is really hard to scrape off a metal locker at the end of the school year, so if you have metal lockers, it’s best to use magnets to secure things. Again, painter’s tape might also be an option if you don’t have magnets. Do some arts and crafts and make magnets that represent your interests. All you need is some magnet paper and printed designs. Or draw your own designs and stick them to the magnet paper.


Pick A Theme

If you’re on the soccer team this year maybe you want to go all out and the entire theme is soccer related, with green background, soccer ball magnets, your jersey number, and an air freshener so your locker doesn’t smell too bad while your shoes are in it.


school lockerStash Some Snacks

You never know when you’ll be hungry or maybe you were so busy finishing last minute homework that you forgot to eat breakfast. Stash a few nonperishable snacks in your locker for those moments when you could use a boost between meals. Protein bars, trail mix, or crackers are all quick snacks that generally have a good shelf life.



A mirror, a basket hanging from the door, a mini disco ball hanging from the top, or even battery operated push lights are some of the extras that you can add to your locker. Don’t forget to stash chapstick, hair ties, deodorant, and any other personal items you may need throughout the day in your locker.

Your locker is a place to store the items you may need throughout the day, but it doesn’t have to be boring. Have fun making your locker reflect who you are, and don’t forget to lock it when you’re done!

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