How to Get Your Kids Interested in Music and Theater

Written By: happycamper

Is your child in a neighborhood garage band with some fun name like Fear the Mollusk? That’s fantastic, even if they aren’t necessarily booking shows yet. As Nate Wright from Big Nate says, “Stink today, rock tomorrow! (We could all use that type of self-assurance, right?)

If your child isn’t into music or performing just yet, you may wonder whether they’re missing out on an essential part of their education and development.

Music and theater are two great activities for kids because they inspire creativity, increase confidence (Big Nate also has this same effect), and help develop social-emotional, language, and intellectual skills. 

Music lessons and training help develop language and reasoning, improve memory, increase hand-eye coordination, and help with emotional development. Kids in theater are exposed to new vocabulary and learn different forms of communication through dancing and acting.

Teamwork is another component of both activities. A student in the school band or orchestra learns to work with others, while a student in theater learns to work off the energy of fellow actors sharing the stage. 

Even if your child is just playing an instrument at home or with friends, they’re learning a lot about collaboration and advancing their skills in the process. If they’re anything like Fear the Mollusk, they’ll also learn how to deal with parting company with pals, hopefully amicably…

Both music and theater can be extremely rewarding, but sometimes the most challenging part is just getting your kids started. A little inspiration can go a long way. 

Read on to learn how to get your kids interested in music and theater.


Put On Music and Have a Dance Party

Turn on the radio (or open your music app) and pick some of your favorites to play for your kids. Get silly, dance, and have fun. Then let your kids pick some of their favorite songs to play. 

Talk to them about why they like those songs and ask them what instruments they can pick out in the song. Talking about music can help inspire an interest in it. 


Watch a Musical Together

A musical combines the best of theater and music. Pick a musical that the whole family can enjoy. It’s especially fun to sing along. 

Some musicals for teens include “Wicked,” “High School Musical,” and “Dear Evan Hanson.” If you have a Nate Wright fan, hop on YouTube and check out Electric Moon Theater Company’s Big Nate the Musical. (And if your little one is anything like Nate, steer clear of Cats.)

There are tons more options out there, so ask your kids what interests them, and get into it. 


Take Them to a Production

One of the best ways to get your kids interested in music and theater is to take them to a production. If a professional play or concert is out of the budget, look up your local community theater, high school theater, or college theater club. Odds are one of them is working on a play or musical production.

You can also find local mic nights or musical performances in town. Local colleges often have band or orchestra concerts that are free or cheap because the college students need practice performing in front of an audience.


Try Happy Camper Live’s Virtual Camps

Happy Camper Live believes that music is a critical component in every child’s development. We offer on-demand music activities, such as Percussion Camp, Guitar Camp, Singing Camp, Ukulele Camp, Keyboard Camp, and Violin Camp.

We also offer Theater Camp, where theater counselor Michael teaches kids about the different types of theater, vocal warmups, and stage directions. It’s a great intro to the theater world, and it’ll help you determine whether your youngster likes the dramatic arts. Our ballet and hip-hop classes pair nicely with a child looking to explore the world of dance. 


Put On Your Own Plays

Pick your favorite family-friendly theater script, and assign everyone in the family a role. Work on building the set together, and then practice running lines together. Once you’re ready to perform, host a small showing of your family production for friends and family.

Once again, if you have a Big Nate fan, you can customize this activity, too. Grab one of the Big Nate comics and act it out! 

Make Your Own Instruments

If you don’t have instruments at home, you can make your own. This activity is a great way to mix music with a bit of arts and crafts time. 

A tissue box and paper towel roll combined with rubber bands can be a makeshift guitar. And a tin can with a balloon stretched over it will work as a drum in a pinch. 

You can incorporate anything into your music if you like the unique sound it creates. Think outside the box, get creative, and have some fun jam sessions together! 

While kids do get a lot of homework at times, and it can feel too difficult to make time for extra activities like these, keep in mind how beneficial it can be to get your kids involved in music and theater. Artur quit Fear the Mollusk because his parents wanted him to concentrate on his schoolwork, but many argue exploring these activities is just as critical as multiplication tables!

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