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Happy Camper Live Gift Guide: Adventure Camper

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Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! OK so not really, but some of our best picks for your Adventure camper are right here, right now.  From apparel, to games, to clean up and sleeping accommodations, these are sure to delight and make those kiddos ooh and ahh all night long.   


Backyard Tents

Who doesn’t love to camp out in a backyard on a cool summer night? It’s the best of both worlds to quell that desire and have indoor plumbling, yet keep away from the bears, woods and overall feeling of being stranded in the middle of nowhere (the irony being that’s what camping is by definition). We have got some great picks for those kiddos with discerning taste, whether they last the entire night or a few hours, check out these snazzy sleep options….  Narmay Play Tent is your basic, roomie experience. Then you have Wayfair with a bunch of fun choices starting with a classic TeePee, and a Cool camo peice. For the fashionistas out there, this Runway tent is the bomb. Sky’s the limit with more options, branded and more. Break out the s’mores, telescope and flashlights for the best night ever. This is a great opportunity to break out the camera and focus on your outdoor elements. Use Happy Camper Live’s Photography Camp to get started!

MSRP – $36 and up



Why didnt we have this when my kiddos were little? SoaPen is genius. Simply hand it to your LO, tell them to draw on their hands and then wash it off.  Perfect for those off the beaten path trips, treks and adventures.  No soapy bars to worry about, no gross-smelling hand sanitizer or even a traditional bathroom.  Rinse off with any water source, put the pen back in your backpack. SoaPen is made without SLS, parabens, phthalates, EDTA, or animal byproducts, and the unique formula is designed so that the drawings only rinse off once a child has washed their hands for the recommended 20-40 seconds.  Sweet-smelling flavors like pear, tangerine and berry heighten the experience.  If the soap and water thing is not for your kids, SoaPen also makes a hand sanitizer in flowery Lavender and Eucalyptus.  Use the SoaPen to clean up after your Happy Camper Live Art Camp activities!

MSRP – $16.99 for a 3 pack on trusty Amazon



For those cold nights, we have to keep the piggies warm, in comes Pacas Socks, the softest, sustainable socks made from Alpaca fibers.  They are also hypo allergenic, moisture wicking and thermo regulating. The kids line is super adorbs, and parents you are not forgotten with this OMGee Mommy and Me line, Dad’s variety of choices and more! We love their giveback of $1 per pair to one of 13 children’s hospitals across the US.  Keep cozy for the whole family with their scarves, throws and hats! It get chilly in that backyard!

MSRP – $26 and up




Handi Guru Hand Sanitiizing Bracelet

When you don’t have water close by, the Handiguru Hand Sanitizing bracelet is a great alternative. The kit comes with everything needed to get you started – the bracelet and refill bottle of sanitizer, simply squirt the liquid into the bracelet and wear it fashionably. Multi colors and a variety of solids for all picky humans.  Sanitizer refills are available as well. Bonus plan, Hadiguru is part of 1% for the Planet and the ENTIRE kit is fully recyclable. Now that you are sanitized, Happy Camper Live  Eco Science camp is your best bet for outdoor fun!

MSRP – $14.95 for a set of 3 on Amazon





For the inner child in all of us this Fairy Finder is genius.  Open the heart shaped lid to watch a magical light show.  Talk to your fairies, interact with them, collect them all.  Download the app and keep track of the fairies you are missing and learn fun facts about your collection thus far.   For a more intense experience hop over to Happy Camper Live for our Outdoor Adventure Camp Fairy builder

MSRP – starting at $25 on Amazon




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