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Happy Camper Live: February’s Curious Camper

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STEM and STEAM and SCIENCE oh my! Let your LO explore these great picks to get their minds moving and grooving and use those analytics. These types of activities are a good start for little minds interested in science and math without the stress of the core curriculum or old school number crunching.


GravitraxGraviTrax PRO Vertical Starter Set

Who doesn’t love a marble run? Well if we are being honest here, only the kids really lol. This scientific and gravitational twist on the traditional build will take your child’s STEM levels up a notch. The GraviTrax Pro allows for walls, pillars, and bridges, making for more intricate paths and invisibility of the bridges. All GraviTrax systems are compatible together. Have a looksee at the Youtube page for more ideas. And then check out more Madscience experiments on Happy Camper Live.

MSRP starts at $59.95

Amazon has quite the selection along with the expansion packs.


National Geographic mega gemstone dig kitNational Geographic Mega Science Series Earth Science Kit

Nat Geo has long been a trusted name in all things, period. So their selection of kid friendly learning kits is no exception. We are particularly enthralled with the Earth Science kits presently. Crystal growing, volcanoes and digs, we are hooked. These kits are a great introduction to this world and its amazingness. We love them even more for this Sensory Science kit that is inclusive to those friends. All NatGeo kits lend themselves to breaking out into a smaller niche once a passion is found. Keep digging,  find more gemstones, make more crystals to start. Find more experiments on our eco science camp page on Happy Camper Live.

MSRP starting at $19.99

Start here with your first kit and go down the rabbit hole from there!


Calling all coders! Botzees coding robots are the perfect way to indulge in  a way your kiddos can not only understand, but see the results of their efforts instantaneously. All Botzees can be built with the small blocks in the kit , easy for small and big hands to handle. Then they are programmed to dance, play drums, light up, and more. Upgrade with the Color Sensor or LED kits. We are a wee bit obsessed with this Unicorn Kit. Really, they have something for everyone with dinos, remote control cars, minis, and more.  Teachers – Boom! They have edu packs as well for your little STEMers. We have Robotics camp here! 

MSRP starting at $39.99

Find all the kits here or on Prime on Amazon then download the companion apps.  


Do you have a pint size gamer at home? Are you over the duo play and the tuning out of all things parental related while the headphones are on? Check out Pixicade, an app that turns their ideas into video games that THEY’ve created and can PLAY. So yeah, still gaming, but with their ideas. They determine the trajectory, the results, and everything in between. Three steps; draw, upload to the app, and play. It really is that simple.   There are seven game types for single and multi players, stickers to help build the game, special markers, and a handful of upgrades for more game options. There is a free version as well where kids can play but they cannot create their own games. 

MSRP starting at $19.99

Amazon has all the feels, options, and add ons. Or shop local off the Pixicade website.




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