Fun Ways for Kids to Practice Soccer Skills In Winter

Written By: happycamper

As the winter season blankets the outdoors with snow and chilly weather, many young soccer enthusiasts might find it challenging to practice their beloved sport. However, the winter months can be an excellent time to refine soccer skills, even in colder conditions.

Learn creative and enjoyable ways for kids to practice their soccer skills despite the wintry weather.


Indoor Mini-Drill

When the weather outside is frightful, bring the game inside! Set up a designated area in the house or a clear space in the garage or basement. Use soft, lightweight balls to avoid damage and create mini-drills focusing on specific skills. For instance, practice quick footwork by dribbling around cones or work on passing accuracy against a wall.


Winter Obstacle Course

If weather permits, take advantage of the snowy landscape. Create an obstacle course in the snow using markers or cones. This course can include various challenges like dribbling around snow piles, practicing quick turns, or shooting at designated snow targets. Encourage kids to dress warmly and have fun while navigating the course!


Snowball Soccer

Combine the excitement of snowball fights with soccer! Designate snowballs as the “ball” and set up makeshift goals. Kids can pass, dribble, and shoot snowballs into these goals, adding an element of winter fun to their soccer practice. Just ensure everyone is bundled up and having a blast in a safe environment.


Gymnasium Play

Many schools or community centers have indoor gyms that are available for use during winter. Utilize these spaces to practice larger-scale drills, such as passing, shooting, and mini-games. The indoor environment allows for more space and flexibility to work on different techniques and team play.


Winter Skill Challenges

Create skill challenges that can be done in the backyard or at a local park, weather permitting. Challenges could include hitting targets with accurate passes, practicing juggling in the snow (using a slightly deflated ball to avoid bouncing away), or even creating a mini-snowman and trying to dribble around it without knocking it down.

Winter doesn’t have to put a freeze on soccer practice! Watch “Episode 22 – Soccer + Eco-Science + Hip Hop=Funtastic!!” of Kidoodle TV for more fun soccer drills.

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