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Friendship Bracelets: Chevron Pattern Tutorial

Written By: happycamper

Does your wrist seem a little bare, like there is something missing? Want cool matching bracelets with your besties? Well, we can help change that! Friendship bracelets aren’t just for camp anymore, you can wear them anywhere and everywhere.

“But I don’t know how to make any friendship bracelets, I don’t know any cool designs!” you might say. Well, Happy Camper will help teach you how to make the simplest bracelets that will lead you to learning the creative and very cool detailed ones that have everyone wanting one.

To start off you’ll learn how to do the Chevron pattern, or how others may call it the “V” pattern. You can use as many colors as you want for this design. For this design we are using the colors of the rainbow so it can be easier to show and follow along.


Follow along below to learn how to make a chevron pattern friendship bracelet.


friendship braceletStep 1: To start you want to grab all the colors you are going to use. For the length of the bracelet, we are going to cut the length of your wingspan. (Your wingspan will be the length of both arms opened out to your side). You may think this is a lot of string but its better to have left over string than run out and make your bracelet short.

Step 2: After cutting all your string the same length you will fold the string evenly in half. This will make it look like you have 12 pieces of string. Make sure to create a knot loop in the middle of your string. When you have that done secure it down with a piece of tape.



friendship bracelet



Step 3: To start off, split your string down the middle and line up your string by the colors you want. (In the picture it is lined up like the rainbow, so I know which color is going to go next). Working on one side you will start with the RED string and do the “Fantastic Four” stitch twice on each string till your red gets to the middle.




friendship bracelet



Step 4: Once your RED string gets to the middle you are going to switch to the opposite side and do the same thing but backwards (See Figure 3 for backwards reference). So, you will start with the RED string and do a backwards “Fantastic Four” stitch twice on each color till the RED also gets to the middle.






friendship bracelet



Step 5: Once both RED strings are in the middle then you will make a knot with each other in the middle (See Figure 4). Now your pattern should be from out to in on the Left side: Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Red. On the right side from out to in should be the same thing.






friendship bracelet



Step 6: Now starting with the ORANGE color you will repeat steps 3-5 on both sides. Then you will repeat those exact steps for all the colors until you get the length of the bracelet you want.

Just know that once you start off it’s not going to look pretty, just trust the process and it will start to look like the design in no time. Keep practicing and start using different colors to make some cool patterns. Teach your friends so you both can make friendship bracelets together and start have some cool bracelets to show off to everyone.

If  you liked this, check out our Arts and Crafts Camp.

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