Four Tips To Learn English

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Are you trying to get better at English or trying to help your child learn to speak Englishb? Learning a new language can be hard, and English is one of the hardest to learn. At Happy Camper Live, we believe everyone can learn new skills. That’s why we have such a variety of content on our website, from sports to the arts to outdoor skills. We believe every child should be able to continue learning in their area of interest. Learning English is also just another skill for your child to develop. Don’t be intimidated by the fear of learning, instead, embrace it. Your child can learn English, and we’re going to give you four tips on how to do that!



The best way to get better at something is by doing it. If kids want to get better at playing sports, the best way to do that is to play them more or take a class to learn more in-depth skills. To get better at English, set aside your hesitation and start practicing. It will take time and dedication, but eventually you’ll start seeing growth and progress. Keep practicing!


kid readingRead, Read, Read

One of the best ways to get better at English is by reading as much material as you possibly can in English. Get a library card and pick up books from the library, look for free magazines and newspapers, and of course check out articles online. If you like reading and have a favorite book, pick up a copy in English and your native language. Have them side by side so you can practice reading in English and look at the copy in your language when you get stuck. Read Happy Camper Live’s blog posts!


Active Listening

Start listening to more content in English. Pick a television show and watch it in English so you can use the context to help you figure out words and what’s going on. Listen to the radio or the news in English. When you’re out in public, practice active listening and try to catch what is being said in English around you. Watch some of Happy Camper Live’s videos to learn a new skill while learning English.


Join A Group

There are many bilingual language groups out there where English speakers are looking to learn Spanish or other languages. This benefits those looking to learn English too because the groups allow you to practice communicating in both languages. Check your local library for a language group, or search online for one in your city. Once you make some friends in that group you can continue the conversation outside of the meeting times. If you have friends that speak English, don’t be afraid to ask them to talk in English so you can practice.

It’s hard to learn another language, but don’t be afraid to try. Trying is what keeps many people from being bilingual. Implementing these tips can help you learn English!

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