Easy Magic Tricks For Kids To Learn In An Afternoon

Written By: happycamper

Magic has always captivated the minds of both young and old. It’s a world where the impossible becomes possible, where imagination takes flight. If you have a curious child with a thirst for magic, why not introduce them to a few easy magic tricks they can learn in just one afternoon? These tricks will not only entertain them but also boost their confidence and creativity. 


Try these fun magic tricks!


a child holding a magic wand and a top hatThe Disappearing Coin Trick

Required Props: A coin and a small cup. 

Instructions: Place the coin on a table. Cover the coin with the cup, making sure the audience can still see it. With a swift motion, lift the cup, and the coin magically disappears!


The Floating Pencil Trick

Required Props: A pencil and a clear glass filled with water.

Instructions: Hold the pencil upright, halfway submerged in the water. Gently release the pencil, and it will appear to float miraculously in the water.


The Cut and Restored String Trick

Required Props: A piece of string. 

Instructions: Show the audience the string and ask them to examine it.

Secretly make a small cut in the string. Perform a magic gesture, and reveal that the string is perfectly restored.


a child magician holding giant cardsThe Card Prediction Trick

Required Props: A deck of playing cards. 

Instructions: Ask a friend to choose a card from the deck and memorize it. While their back is turned, take a quick peek at the bottom card of the deck. Replace the chosen card on top of the deck. Show off your magic skills by revealing the chosen card, as if you predicted it!

Remember, practice makes perfect, so encourage your young magician to rehearse and refine their tricks. As they witness the amazement on their audience’s faces, their confidence will soar. Let the magic unfold!

For more magic tips, watch “Episode Nine – Camp Day Of Wonders!” of Happy Camper Live: 365 Days Of Camp, free on Kidoodle TV.

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