Easy and Fun Magic Tricks To Amaze Kids

Written By: happycamper

Are you ready to embark on a mystical journey into the world of magic? Magic has an inexplicable allure that captivates both young and old, fostering a sense of wonder and amazement. For kids especially, the ability to perform magic tricks not only brings joy but also boosts their confidence. It’s a fantastic way to inspire creativity and imagination. Let’s explore five easy yet astonishing magic tricks that are perfect for kids to learn and perform!

The Vanishing Coin Trick

One of the most classic magic tricks involves making a coin disappear. All you need is a coin and a bit of practice. Watch the delight on your audience’s faces as the coin seems to vanish into thin air!

Materials: A coin


1) Hold the coin in your dominant hand.

2) Show the coin to your audience, letting them examine it.

3) As you pretend to transfer the coin to your non-dominant hand, secretly retain it in your dominant hand using your fingers.

4) Open your non-dominant hand to reveal that the coin has disappeared.


The Floating Wand Illusion

Using a simple prop like a wand or a stick, you can create the illusion of it floating in mid-air. With a few guiding principles, you’ll have the kids believing in the magic they’re creating.

Materials: A wand or stick


1) Hold the wand in the middle with both hands.

2) Position your hands close together, creating the illusion that you are holding the wand with just one hand.

3) Slowly move your hands apart while keeping the wand horizontal, making it seem like the wand is floating.


The Mysterious Rope Trick

Master the art of making a rope appear to be cut and then magically restored. It’s a captivating trick that’s easier to perform than it appears!

Materials: A rope


1) Hold the rope and show it to your audience.

2) Pretend to cut the rope in the middle without actually doing so.

3) Use your fingers to create the illusion of a cut.

4) Open the rope, showing that it is still intact.


handkerchiefsThe Color-Changing Handkerchief

Change the color of a handkerchief right before your audience’s eyes. With a bit of showmanship and some simple techniques, you can create a magical color transformation that will leave the kids amazed.

Materials: Two handkerchiefs of different colors


1) Hold one handkerchief in each hand, one hidden behind the other.

2) Bring the hidden handkerchief to the front, making it seem like the color has changed.


Levitating Paperclip

Make a paperclip defy gravity and seem to float in the air. With a little bit of science and a lot of fun, kids can perform this mesmerizing trick.

Materials: a paperclip and a magnet


1) Place the paperclip on a surface.

2) Hold the magnet above the paperclip without touching it.

3) Move the magnet in a way that makes it seem like the paperclip is levitating.

Remember, practice makes perfect! Encourage the kids to practice these tricks before performing them in front of an audience. Emphasize the importance of showmanship and keeping the secrets to themselves to maintain the mystery.

Have fun and let the magic flow! Watch “Episode 30 – A Ball off Fun & Flips & Flair!” of Kidoodle TV for more slime fun!

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