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Camping Hacks For Families

Written By: happycamper

It’s camping season! Avoid the stress and try these camping tips and tricks. Camping doesn’t have to be a lot of work. It can be fun for parents and kids. Try these camping hacks for families on your next camping trip in 2021. These camping tips and tricks will help your family have a great time camping.

Here are six camping hacks for your next family camping trip!


Camping Hack: Glow Sticksglow sticks

Glow sticks can provide evening entertainment and a way to see at night. Hang a couple of glow sticks in your tent and you’ll have enough light to see if you have to get up in the middle of the night. 

Glow sticks come in fun patterns and colors, so pick up a bunch and your kids can have fun building necklaces, hats, and other fun glow stick wearables. Glow sticks will light up camp and light up smiles on your kids’ faces.


Camping Hack: Freeze Gallons of Water 

Freeze a couple of gallons of water to use in your cooler to keep food cold. After they thaw you’ll have water you can use for drinking, doing dishes, and cooking around camp. 


Camping Hack: Shoe Box

Bring a plastic bin or basket and put it either right outside of the tent, or right inside of the tent. Ask people to remove their shoes as they enter the tent. It will keep the tent cleaner, and will keep your blankets and pillows from getting dirt on them. 


Camping Hack: Pool Noodlespool noodles

This camping hack will keep your campsite safer so people aren’t tripping and breaking bones. Use pool noodles to cover your tent poles that are staked into the ground. Tent poles are usually thin and hard to see. Pool noodles are brightly colored and cushiony. With pool noodles around your camp you’re sure to see the areas you should avoid. 


Camping Hack: Bring Water Guns

Tell the kids to pack their water guns, and bring extra water to fill them with. Allow the kids to have a few designated “water fight” times during the hot day. Get the kids to help with the dishes by using a water gun to rinse them off.


Camping Hack: Cooking

Pre-cooking meals is an easy way to manage the food side of camping. Pre-cook chili, macaroni and cheese, and other easy to freeze dinners.Simply thaw, pour the dish into a pan over the fire, and heat up until warm. Then serve. 

For other food-related camping hacks, check out our blog: 5 Easy Camping Meals For Kids.

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