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Written By: Adriana Ramirez

Sitting by the fire, cozy and warm. Then out of nowhere you hear the gurgling and rumbling of your stomach. Someone is hungry. So instead of having a simple burger or hotdog, let’s get creative and make something different to satisfy your hunger. There are a lot of things that you can make by the fire. If you aren’t camping, then you can create your own experience at home over the stove, with an adult present.


Spider Hotdogs

Let’s start with something easy and make some Spider Hotdogs.

Put two fingers over the center of the hot dog; start on the right side and slice your hotdog from your fingers to the end horizontally. Roll your hot dog 90 degrees and slice through horizontally again. Repeat on the left side. This will create four legs on both sides for your spider.

You will then stick a skewer or a stick through your hotdog and cook over the fire.


Rolo S’more

It is exactly like cooking a regular s’more but now you have the chocolate roasting inside the marshmallow.

First, you’ll try to get the Rolo inside the marshmallow (helpful tip, it helps to push the flat side of the Rolo into the marshmallow first). After the Rolo is inside, you’ll stick the skewer through the marshmallow and the Rolo. Cook it to the desired melting point, once done you’ll sandwich it between two graham crackers to slide it off the skewer.

Marshmallow Strawberries

Just like how it sounds they are strawberries covered in marshmallows. Stick the strawberries on a skewer and coat it with cooked melted marshmallow that you cooked on another skewer. Simple as that.


Cinnamon Swirls

Here is another thing you can eat to satisfy your sweet tooth. Dough swirls coated in cinnamon, yum! Wrap any type of premade dough from a can around a skewer. You can make it as big or as skinny as you want. Once its secured on the skewer you will carefully cook it over the fire until all sides are golden brown.

When done cooking you’ll take it off the skewer, lightly coat it in butter, and finally cover it in cinnamon.


Corn on the Cob

You’ll need an adult with this one. Place an ear of corn inside foil with small pieces of butter in different places. Then cover it tightly with the foil and have an adult place it safely inside the fire. Let it cook there for 15 minutes.


Banana Boat

You either love bananas or don’t, and if you are the few that love bananas then this dessert is for you.

Grab a banana, slit it down the middle (long ways), and stuff it with brown sugar, chocolate chips, or marshmallows. Fill it with your toppings. Wrap the banana in foil and place it carefully into the fire; cook for 10 minutes.


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