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Busting Boredom with Happy Camper Live

Written By: happycamper

How to deal with your kids boredom

“I’m bored.”

Those have to be on the top ten list of words parents hate to hear the most. What we wouldn’t do to have a few “boring” moments, right?

When your kids tell you that they’re bored, they may start asking you for ideas to keep them occupied. While you may tell them to clean their room or help with chores, those aren’t the answers they want.

They want an activity or activities that are going to be fun, keep them busy, and don’t end in a hot second. Happy Camper Live has plenty of fun activities that will not only keep your kids occupied, but will also introduce them to a wide variety of subjects.

Why Boredom Doesn’t Exist at Happy Camper Live

There’s no way for kids to be bored when they’re visiting Happy Camper Live because there are so many activities to keep them busy. Unlike regular summer camps that often rely on good weather to fuel all the fun activities, Happy Camper Live is hoppin’ 24/7, rain or shine.

What can your kids do at Happy Camper Live?

With so many activities at their fingertips, there’s no time to be bored at Happy Camper Live. Your child can cruise the site and click on topics that interest them and ones that spark their curiosity. There’s always something going on and there’s always something to do.


Get magical

They’ll blow your mind (and theirs) as they watch and learn how to do cool magic tricks right at home. They can replay the videos so they can be sure to get the trick right each and every time.


Get cooking

Wouldn’t it be nice for your kids to make their own food every now and then? With Happy Camper Live they can get in the kitchen and create easy and tasty dishes for themselves and for you!


Get moving

Your child can learn a few dance moves and new sports techniques with several videos that are available at Happy Camper Live. There’s no room for couch potatoes here!


Get singing

We’re not talking about karaoke. We have real tips to help your child train vocally.


Get playing

Music is a powerful tool with so many benefits. Why not give your child the chance to learn guitar chords and other instruments with our Happy Camper Live music camp videos?


Get crafty

So many kids like arts and crafts because it allows them to express their creative side. We have easy-to-follow projects they can do with a lot of materials you probably already have at home.


Why Happy Camper Live Works

One of the many appealing aspects of Happy Camper Live is that our videos are short because we know children’s attention spans can be limited. We pack each video with valuable information that’s fun and easy to follow.

If your child loves going to summer camp and is always sad when it’s over, they’ll especially love Happy Camper Live. Besides fun activities, we also incorporate camp cheers and we even have our own web series. We know summer camp can be full of drama sometimes, that’s why we’ve created a web series that will really hit home with many kids.

What are you waiting for? Isn’t it time to erase the words “I’m bored” from your child’s vocabulary and replace them with “Happy Camper Live”? Get them started today by clicking here to get a subscription. Everyone will be happy you did!


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