Benefits Of Working At A Summer Camp

Written By: Adriana Ramirez

Have you ever wondered what it was like to work at a summer camp? I can tell you it’s like letting your inner child come back out to play, reliving the fun side of what it is like being a kid again. The adventure, memories, and the magic created at camp are like no other! Summer is the time to relax, let your mind take a break, and have a mini vacation from your busy life. For kids, it’s a time to be a kid and let their adventurous, sporty, or artistic side loose. As a counselor, you are there to help and encourage them in any way you can. Whether you’re a great athlete, theatre kid, a chef, or even a fitness enthusiast, there is always a place for you to showcase your knowledge to the next generation.

Have A LOT Of Fun

If you have never been to a summer camp before then you’re in for a real treat! I guarantee you will have a raspy and hoarse voice when camp is over from all the singing, chanting, screaming, cheering, and just all the fun nonsense. There will be opportunities for you to even get to experience camp as a camper as well, go paddleboarding, horseback riding, do yoga, go on fun hikes, or even get to wrestle in jello! Even though it’s a job it won’t feel like it when you’re having so much fun. You get paid to have fun!

Build On Your Teaching Skills

No matter the reason why you’re at camp, you’re not only a counselor but their teacher for the summer. With the many life skills you have, you can share them with your campers. Teach them how to whistle, do a cartwheel, hand games, card tricks, a cool friendship bracelet pattern, or a simple trick to help get rid of the hiccups. Small and simple stuff like this can make a difference in the campers’ summer.

If you’re a teacher or a coach back home, camp can really help you hone your teaching skills. If you have campers that learn and pick up on things differently, then it will be a challenge but a good way to expand on your skills. Especially when you need to come up with stuff on the spot to keep campers participating and interested in the activity.

Make New Friends

Even though you are at camp to work you’ll definitely be making tons of friends there. You’ll meet locals and people from all over the world that come to work at the same camp near you. It is a small world, and you never know the people you’ll encounter. Who knows, these people can become lifelong friends that you make at camp.

Learn New Skills

While at camp, you’ll sometimes get the chance to learn from other counselors, and put your cooking, tennis, or even musical talent to the test. It also helps the campers see you try new things when they may be too nervous to try them themselves. Plus, you get to explore hidden talents you never knew you had. You may come to find out you are the best rock skipper or the most creative friendship bracelet maker at the camp!

You’ll Become Adaptable

When it comes to summer camps and children, not everything will go directly as planned. So, you’ll have to be flexible and adapt to the different needs of every child. Every group of children will have interests different from the ones before. Being adaptable to that will guarantee the campers a memorable experience. For example, when it comes to basketball, not every kid will know the concept of dribbling and shooting a ball so instead of teaching fundamentals, you change it to a fun game that everyone will love. Also, be very open to ideas from other counselors. They may spend more time with your group of kids and know what they may or may not be into when it comes to different activities.

Direct Impact On Campers’ Lives

Have you ever had that one teacher that made an impact on your life? It is exactly what you’re going to do for these campers. Getting the opportunity to have the roles reversed and affect a kid’s life in a positive way is so heartwarming because even if you may forget about your camper, they will never forget about you. You may have caught them on a bad day and told them a joke that cheered them up or helped them perfect a skill that they were getting frustrated with. Whatever you do and the impression you make, remember you are making core memories with them. They will never forget when they remember you because it will always bring a smile to their faces.

Get To Travel

There are camps located all over the world, and there may be one that is a perfect fit for you. You just need to go looking for it. You can use this opportunity to travel and cross some things off your bucket list if you decide to work at a camp. Even after camp, you can travel with all the friends you made. Spend a few days traveling together before heading back home. Plus, you never know, camps may take trips of their own to visit some historical landmarks (depending on where you are located).

There Is Never A Dull Moment

The campers will keep you on your toes and will always have you laughing over the most ridiculous things they do and say. You get paid to have fun and play with the kids, get active, be weird, and just have fun. Remember the number one thing at camp: If you’re acting normal then that’s weird, but if you’re acting weird then it’s normal. It is the complete opposite in the real world, but I guarantee that once you let your weird side out camp will be so much fun. Just remember enthusiasm and energy starts with you so no pressure.

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