Basketball Dribbling Drills For Kids

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Basketball is an exciting sport that requires a combination of various skills, and one of the most important skills to develop is ball handling. Strong ball handling or dribbling skills enable players to dribble, pass, and protect the ball effectively.


Try these drills and games to help kids improve their dribbling skills while having fun.


a happy camper live counselor dribbles a basketballStationary Dribbling

To start, kids should practice dribbling the basketball while standing in place. This drill helps develop control and coordination. Encourage them to keep their eyes up and their knees bent. Begin with simple dribbles and gradually increase the difficulty by incorporating crossovers, between-the-legs, and behind-the-back dribbles.


Speed Dribbling 

Speed dribbling drills help kids improve their quickness and agility while maintaining control of the ball. Set up cones or markers in a straight line or zigzag pattern and challenge them to dribble through the course as quickly as possible. Time them and encourage them to beat their previous records.


Two-Ball Dribbling

This drill enhances hand-eye coordination and strengthens both hands. Kids should dribble two basketballs simultaneously, maintaining a steady rhythm. Start with basic dribbles and progress to more challenging moves like crossovers and spins. The focus should be on developing control and control.


Partner Passing

Partner passing is an excellent drill for both ball handling and teamwork. Kids can pair up and stand a few feet apart. They take turns passing the ball back and forth, using various techniques such as chest passes, bounce passes, and overhead passes. Encourage them to communicate and challenge each other to make accurate and crisp passes.


Dribble Tag

Dribble tag is a fun game that improves ball handling skills and agility. Designate one player as the “tagger” and give them a different colored pinnie. The tagger must try to tag other players by touching their basketballs. Players can only move by dribbling, and if their ball gets tagged, they become the new tagger. This game promotes quick thinking, control, and dribbling under pressure.


Simon Says Dribbling

Put a fun twist on the classic game of Simon Says by incorporating basketball dribbling. The leader, “Simon,” gives commands like “Simon says dribble with your right hand” or “Simon says spin the ball on your finger.” The participants must follow the commands accurately, but only if Simon says it first. This game helps kids improve their dribbling skills while listening and reacting quickly.


Remember, consistent practice is key to developing basketball ball handling skills. Encourage kids to set goals, track their progress, and make practice sessions enjoyable. By incorporating these drills and games, young basketball players can enhance their skills while having a blast on the court!

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