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5 Ways to Make Your Room Look Just Like Gabby’s

Written By: happycamper

Want to make your room fun and magical like Gabby’s? We have some ideas!

According to our pur-ception, Gabby’s room has lots of decorations, and most of them look like they were handcrafted by Gabby herself! (Of course, it’s paw-sibble her fur-ends gave her a hand… or a paw!)

Our tips encourage you to get creative with the decoration purr-ocess so you can bring the magic of Gabby’s dollhouse to life in your own bedroom!

#1 Color Scheme

Have you ever noticed that everything in Gabby’s dollhouse is (almost) purrfectly matching? (After all, nothing’s purrfect!)

That’s because Gabby’s room has a color scheme! To make your room look like Gabby’s, the first thing you need to do is choose what colors to include in your room decorations and accessories. Purrhaps you should start by choosing your favorite color, then build the palette using different shades of that color.

For example, if your favorite color is pink, you could include a bright pink and a dark pink in your color scheme. Next, try to think of what colors go well with pink. What about blue and purple? Cat-tastic!

#2 Pom Pom Wallhangings

This DIY wall hanging is the purrfect Gabby-inspired bedroom accessory. It’s fun and easy to make, plus it’ll add a pop of color and Kitty-Fairy-inspired fluff to your walls!

If you’re not sure how to make this craft, don’t fur-et! You can download our set of instructions at the bottom of this article.





#3 Yarn Branch Artyarn branch craft

Oh-oh, oh-oh, woo! Yarn branch art is another awesome piece of homemade Gabby-inspired decor that’ll bring the magic of the garden into your bedroom. Play “The Magic of the Garden” while you make these fun, nature-inspired creations! If you need to venture outside to gather supplies, don’t fur-get to bring a parent with you!

Want more details on how to make yarn branch art? Download our step-by-step instruction sheet at the bottom of this article!

#4 Cat-tastic Paper Garland

Grab some colored construction paper, scissors, and some scotch tape to make supurr long and supurr fun kitty garland, just like the kind behind Gabby’s bed headboard! If you want to keep a color scheme in your room, make sure the color of the construction paper matches your palette!

To make the garland, you can trace a cat shape using a stencil or else draw it freehand. Just remember you only need to draw half of the shape because you’ll end up with the mirror-image once you unfold it. Once you’ve drawn the shape onto your construction paper, cut it out with scissors!

Bonus tip: If you want to use a craft directly from the show, try making these space chains instead!

#5 Glowing Globule

You probably remember this craft from Gabby’s Dollhouse. A glitter globe is the sparkliest and most relaxing decor there is. Shake your glitter globe and take a big breath as you watch the glitter all fall down, just like Baby Box does when she’s stressed! Soon, you’ll be nice and ready for a catnap.

Here’s a PDF showing you how to make a glowing globule. Thanks, MerCat!

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