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5 Things That Will Turn An Outdoor Walk Into An Adventure

Written By: happycamper

Sometimes a walk in the park can be a bit boring. Depending on where you walk you pass the same looking brown tree, green bush, or even plain white house. When you have nothing to do on your walk it is boring, so why not change it up a bit. It takes a bit of creativity to turn a boring walk into a fun one. Play a game on your walk, start a collection of cool things you see, or even create an art project from items along your walk. This will encourage kids to get their body moving and to take a break with a breath of fresh air.


Scavenger Hunt

Before starting your walk, make a long list of things to try and find outside. It could be finding a specific colored leaf, bugs, or even garden statues. Whatever you can think of, put it on your list. The whackier the better because this will make your walk something to look forward to instead of being boring. You can even make a game out of it and see who can find the most items first by the time your walk is over.


Art Projectart project

When you’re out walking look at the ground for inspiration. There may be some cool-looking rocks, sticks, or leaves you can bring back home with you to create a masterpiece from. Use the rocks to create a cool-looking statue or build something from them. Creating a collage of different colored leaves would look amazing hanging on your wall, showing off all the different colors that nature has to offer. Or create salt dough leaf impressions and then you can paint your own leaf colors. Have fun and be creative with it, you can even go to Happy Camper Live’s Arts and Crafts Camp to get some ideas on what you can create with your objects.


Impromptu Exercises

Going out on a walk is already an exercise in itself but try to add some smaller exercises as well. Try doing a different exercise every five minutes like; lunges, jumping jacks, squats, mountain climbers, burpees, etc. See how many you can do in thirty seconds or longer. Or have some fun and create an obstacle course by jumping over sticks on the floor, running circles around trees, or who could run and touch that bush first. You’ll break a sweat for sure, but this can turn a boring walk into a mini workout that’ll get your heartbeat pumping.


Photo Funkid taking photo

There are a lot of great things you can take a photo of, the sunlight reflecting off the puddle, water droplets caught on a spider’s web, up close and personal photos of the veins of the leaves or make shadow pictures! Challenge yourself in taking new pictures or turn them into your own photo shoot. Just remember to be creative and I guarantee you’ll have fun looking back at all the photos you’ve taken. Go visit Happy Camper Live’s Photography Camp where you can learn some new tips and tricks for taking amazing photos on your next walk.


Bug Hunting

Searching for bugs isn’t for everyone but for the brave ones this could be a fun activity to do with the family. If you have a magnifying glass bring it with you, but if not it’s alright. You can get up close and personal with the bugs and see the funny way they move, eat, or interact with their surroundings. You can research some cool facts about the bugs before you go on your walk so you can see if they are true. Find a ladybug and count how many spots they have or look at the detailed and creative web the spider made. But make sure not to disturb the bugs or their homes that they made for themselves, you are just there to observe them.

Have fun enjoying the outdoors!

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